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News tomorrow ? Or?

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Yes, there will be X-wing news tomorrow... Positive thinking, praying, casting spells.

Wave 9

Resistance Transport (3 crew slots for Rebels)

TIE/sf (Special Firing Arc, new munitions)

Shadow Caster (Scum, turret, cannon, systems, crew)

Wookiee Anti Slaver (Arrr!)

Jabba's Yacht w/Scyk(s)

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Seems like a good place for wild speculation.  Alex said something about wave 9 bringing a "hard counter" to the torpedo contracted scouts IIRC.  What do we think this hard counter looks like?




Actually, what I think he said was that there already was a hard counter in Wave 8.  



Also....I don't mind not knowing what comes next, to be honest.  I'm still digesting Wave 8 and know Imp. Vets will be coming out soon.  I'm OK with just being happy with what is here for the moment.  Lots of stuff still to play.

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@ Joe Boss are those steel cut oats?

Those would go great while unboxing my new Rebel Veterans, or, never mind, some shiny new Imperal ships would be better.  Love oats and gaming.


Quaker Oats... with REAL Apples and other good stuff it 'em.



That would provide a full morning of energy for wild speculation and conjecture about miniature gaming.  Well played, Sir.

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