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Taking on League 1!

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So, time to put this show on the road, here i will put my session reports on me and my fiancée dealing with the Scenarios on the League 1 of Arkham Horror, and here it is the first one:


Snake Loving In Arkham! – LeagueS01S01


Each one of us would control two investigators, so, after doing the scenario setup (removing the required cards), explaining the scenario rules to the love of my life, me and my fiancée draw each 4 investigators and picked two.

And we only draw from the base game, when Dunwich appears in the League I would put them in the investigator pool.


So the chosen ones were:


-Mandy Thompson (my fiancée)

-Kate Winthrop (my fiancée)

-Sister Mary (me)

-Monterey Jack (me)


A nice team I think, and as Sister Mary was playing I used the suggestion by the game designer that she should have an extra power: She could reroll her blessing roll by spending one clue.


So, let´s put this show on the road!


A gate opens, a monsters shows up, and it’s a cultist, good start! And doesn’t move from the gate! So… instead of risking awakening Yig at the end of Mythos 1 (that would be a record I think!) due to a monster surge, Monterey Jack goes instead and despite not having clues goes into the gate and kills the cultist, which of course adds another Doom Token!


And what happens in Another World on the very first encounter Monterey Jack has? He’s Lost In Time and Space, and that off course adds another Doom Token!


So during the first turn the Doom Track is at 3!  Auspicious beginning indeed!


So let’s continue playing and two more gates pop open (and yes, no cultists this times), the Doom Track is now at 5, halfway there people! And we have the grand total of 0 sealed gates! Yes, you counted that right, 0 sealed gates!


And Monterey Jack? He managed to get himself cursed! Life is good in Arkham indeed…


But we kept going and we managed to seal one gate (by Kate)  then another (Sister Mary this time), and we did found an Elder Sign (thanks to Monterey Jack!) that of course we used!


And what happens after we sealed our second gate? A rumor appeared, and of course, it´s the Good Work Undone!


But thankfully Mandy had 5 clues on her and Kate had 2, so after Monterey Jack cleaning the area of monsters, they beat the Rumor in one turn, we salved our Sealed Gates, and won… another Elder Sign!   Yes!!! And once again appeared with Monterey Jack!


So we kept playing and sealed another gate (Kate again…), ok, halfway there, the Doom Track has danger on it, but those 2 Elder Signs were precious! So precious… My precious….


And guess what next? Another rumor appeared!  The Great Ritual! So, either we sacrifice 3 spells (one investigator alone must do this) or we start to draw 2 Mythos cards each turn, and that of course would awaken Yig even faster! The reward, 2 clue tokens!


And those would become handy indeed! So, a quick plan is made, and Sister Mary gives her two spells to Kate, and goes to the Church to bless the monster killer Monterey Jack, who was in dire need of being blessed because he has some monster killing to do!


Kate sacrifices those spells and presto! 2 clues for each one!


And guess what! Sister Mary goes gate diving and manages to seal our 4th gate!!! And with what? With an Elder Sign that Monterey Jack got after beating a Mi-Go! That gave him 2 Unique Items! A nice timing of an environment indeed!


So, now we have 4 sealed gates, the Doom Track is at 7, and a Rumor appears…


The Terrible Experiment! And guess what were the first monster that appeared? A Cultist of course…


So Monterey Jack goes and kills almost all of them, but must regains his sanity.


Then Mandy manages to seal another gate and with what? An Elder Sign found by Sister Mary!

And by this time I’m getting very worried about two things…


»The Doom Track is at 6, so still a menace and if it wasn’t for those 3 Elder Signs Yig would be near awakening!

» The Terrible Experiment is with 5 monsters, two of those are cultists, which means that failing the rumor, we would awoke Yig immediately!


Kate has clues to seal a gate but needs a monster killer to clean the gate and there goes Monterey Jack with her!


Mandy? Is KO at the hospital beaten by a monster at the rumor site, Sister Mary? Is boxed at the Church with a Shoggot outside! And has no weapons…


So the encounters at Another World? Kate has no problems, Monterey? Loses sanity but is still ok.


And another monster is added to the rumor, that makes 6 on it.


Next? The only Hound of Tindalos in Arkham goes to the one spot where it could go, inside the church! And my fiancée says, but that’s holy ground, it should be protected! But it isn’t…


So Sister Mary goes to make company to Mandy, that went and got himself kicked once again while trying to kill a monster at the rumor site…


Another world encounters? Kate goes crusing once again, and Monterey Jack? Lost in Time and Space


So Doom Track at 7 now. Our luck is that the Mythos is only trying to open gates on already sealed locations.


And another monster is added to the Experiment, now that makes it 7 there…


Kate returns to Arkham, while both Sister Mary and Mandy get kicked at the rumor site once again. We


Kate tries to close the gate, as me and my fiancée hold our breath, and we are both thinking, so, she has 5!!! more clues then she needs, she’s going to roll with a +1 modifier to her 5 Lore! And Mandy has the reroll, so the chances of failing all those rolls (22 dice!!!!) are slim. Yes, we are thinking that but not saying it out loud! Because the board knows!!!


And the dice are rolling! And we saw two 2, a 3, two 4, and 5!!! It´s a 5!!!!! Take that Yig!!!!!


Scenario beaten!  Kate closes and seals her 3rd gate on this game! Kate the gate sealer!


6 Sealed Gates! Doom track at 7, Terror Track? One!


Nyarlathotep! You’re next!!!


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He just flew hiding Under the Pyramids...


(congrats on the sound victory)


After the lousy start we had, it felt good indeed. And of course if it wasn't for 3 Elder Signs he would have awaken!

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