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Wixom, Michigan Regionals Report

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On saturday, April 30th, I flew in my first regional championships at Flatland games in Wixom, Michigan and had an amazing experience with every opponent I faced and with the whole store (and its employees). Which I figured was enough to have my first post be write up a report about my time there.

I had previously played in two championships in the area and a kit tournament, finishing 2-2, 2-2 & 0-4, respectively, and aimed to go at least (if not over) .500 or 3-3 for regionals. For those tournaments I had flown against a lot of Imp aces and PS10 Poe, so I had been practicing with PS 10 Chiraneau and PS 9 whisper, but decided two days before the event to switch to this:

Rear Admiral Chiraneau - adaptability (for PS9), Vader, gunner, engine upgrade

Whisper - veteran inst, advanced cloaking, fire control system, rebel captive


I figured that if i could bring enough ships down with chiranaeu each game, whisper with rebel captive could do a pretty solid job cleaning up. The dual PS9 also allowed me a wide range of maneuvering if i was to get in a jam, and allowed me to strip shields with whisper to make Vader more effective. Once again, thanks to Flatland games for a great event and each opponent I flew against, it was a great first time regional experience. And if i recall something wrong from the game I apologize to my opponents, I did not write anything down except lists and names, yet it's still a lengthy report.

Game 1


Omega leader - juke, comm relay, stealth device

whisper - VI, adv cloak, fire control

valen rudor (i believe) - title, auto thrusters, push the limit, (possibly proton rockets)

Louis was a great first opponent to start the day off. It was my first time facing whisper while I was also flying her, and either way initiative would've had some benefit for me (I'm not sure who had it). I started in my bottom right corner with RAC parallel to the bottom edge facing my left and whisper behind him facing angled into the middle of the board. Louis started all 3 ships in my top left. I brought RAC angled in towards the middle of the board with whisper lagging a bit behind (which was my plan most games). Once the shooting began, RAC did exactly what he was supposed to and started burning down the aces while whisper danced around the sides.

Win 100-58 (lost Chiraneau)

Game 2

Ryan Flemming:

2x Tansarii point veteran (m3-a interceptor) both w/ mind link, one had mangler cannon, one heavy laser

IG-88B - mindlink, heavy laser, auto thrusters, fire control

Until after this game, once he explained the reasoning behind the list, I did not realize (despite the t-shirt he had on) that this was the Hoth Open champion, Ryan Flemming. He was running scyk's in preparation for the system open finals. Anyway, I got a little worried at the start seeing scyk's, as I figured, for someone to fly them to this event, they had to be quite dangerous with them. He started in the top left and I in the bottom right again. We came up thru the middle opening of the asteroid cluster and had a pretty heavy pass. Thru the first two rounds of shooting my evade dice were on fire. whisper evaded 3 heavy lasers untouched, along with a mangler cannon. Vader got his worth again taking out the scyks and hurting IG. Ryan is an absolutely incredible player (obvious at this point) and was my favorite opponent all day, and I couldn't thank him enough for the advice and encouragement as the day went on.

Win 100-29 (half off Chiraneau)

Game 3


Poe - VI, R2D2, autothrusters

Jake Farrell - VI, push, AT, refit, a-wing test

level 4 y-wing stresshog

Immediately I was unsure of this match, ps10 Poe, ps9 jake and a stresshog were all a threat to my list. He started Poe and the hog in the top right with jake slightly more towards the middle. I started in the bottom right with RAC facing right, parallel to the bottom edge, and whisper behind him angled towards the middle. the asteroids were relatively tight towards the right side of the board. Poe and the hog went straight towards my bottom rightt corner while jake went towards the top middle of the board. I angled into the asteroids with RAC and then to the left with whisper. Right before the first engagement there was an asteroid in front of RAC and a perfect opening for a 2 hard to the right, right into poe and the stresshog. I contemplated the 2 hard right but instead went 3 bank left (i believe) to run past the asteroid and trap jake near the top of the board, while whisper rushed up the left to get a shot as well. Jake focused and tried to barrel roll out of arc of RAC and then target locked. He ended up not being out of arc (no auto thrusters) so Whisper and RAC shot first and killed took him out. He still shot off his proton rockets, and even with a target lock, only got 3 hits on RAC. Poe and the hog were then behind me and I attempted a barrel roll with whisper to get out of range of the stresshog. I might be remembering wrong, but he measured range with the hog on whisper, had her range 3, but decided to shoot the decimator. Had he brought Poe and the Y into the fight quicker and took that shot at whisper, I'm confident i would've lost.

Win 100-29 (half off Chiraneau)

Game 4

Gordon: (army details are missing)

Tel trevura - guidance chips, plasma torps, R4 (other upgrades possibly, no Punishing title)

Zuckus - fire control, title + tractor beam, veteran

Palob - TLT, something else i can't remember

Gordon was a pleasure to play against and played an absolutely stellar game. He started in the top left, and I in the bottom right, with my usual setup. asteroids in a cluster in the middle. I approached slower to start and tried to keep whisper back and right. My first turn I cloaked (with my regular cardboard token) Gordon asked if I would like an acrylic cloak, and then gave me one of his (a small gesture he said, but it made a great impression on me). Once the fighting began Chiranaeu took heavy damage and didn't give out as much as I would've liked. He shot range 3 at Palob, no damage, Vader'ed away the shield, shot with gunner, missed again, and then proceeded to Vader again. With some solid positioning by Gordon the next turn, I wasn't able to shoot palob and had to split up fire. This is when i believe whisper began to take damage and RAC was burning fast trying to get out crits before he inevitably went down. At this point he had a shieldless Zuckuss and 3 shields left on Tel, while i just had whisper. I was worried and very close to losing whisper. I caught a couple lucky breaks as Tel flew onto a rock twice and i was able to lay into him and take out zuckus to leave shieldless Tel against whisper. The game ended with whisper having 1 hull left. A heavy damage game that came down to the end and yet again an absolute pleasure of an opponent.

Win 100-58 (1 hull left on whisper)

Game 5


​later i found out he was running mind link IG's

I Was 4-0 at this point and at table 2, way further than i thought I would make it and once I got to the table, Nick had raised his hand for the judge. He offered to draw. I wanted to play, but I was exhausted, hungry, and the break would do my mind and stomach well. So I accepted the draw, and went to eat some of the top notch hot dogs and sausages from the food truck (shout out to flat land games and Ej's food truck *i believe* for hooking that up).


Game 6


I was at table 3, the first two tables raised hands for judge (along with Mark at my table) and the first two tables proceeded to draw. I had previously drew and wanted to play this one out, so i denied the draw.

Darth Vader - title, adv targeting, engine, adaptability

Soontir - push, title, AT, targeting computer

Inquisitor - title, push, AT

​Once we started setting up, I then saw his list and knew that it would be a bad matchup for him. I ended up double Vader-ing soontir, one being a double damage, and killed him in one shot. Rebel captive was bad news for his Vader and Inquisitor and I cleaned up pretty quick. I don't think there was anything he could've done to win the match, but he played it out and was a great opponent anyway. Great game Mark.

Win 100-0

I ended up 2nd overall at 5-0-1 with an MoV of 934, below Phil Horny at 951. At this point I was far ahead of where I wanted or thought I would be, and was close to the alt dice that I wanted, but didn't think I would come close to.

​Top 16


​Inquisitor - title, auto thrusters, push

Soontir - push, title, auto thrusters, stealth device

omicron shuttle - Palp, sensor jammer

Another aces list, which I had thought I would face quite a bit of. He started top right and I, bottom left. I came barreling up the middle with Chiraneau right at soontir, while whisper hung a bit back. Another double Vader on soontir with a double damage took him out. While RAC circled around, the inquisitor curled up towards whisper (who was now at the top of the board). He barrel rolled (or boosted I can't remember) and then pushed to target lock whisper (acquire evade). He shot whisper which triggered rebel captive to double stress him (as he already pushed). This allowed whisper to get into position without threat and clean up the shuttle while the inquisitor was finished off.

Win 100-29 (I believe half off Chiraneau)

Top 8

Jeff Berling:

Dengar - title, one wolf, zuckus, r5-p8, glitterstim, counter measures, plasma torps

Manaroo - push, recon specialist, unhinged, feedback array, engine upgrade

I didn't know until after the match who Jeff was, it was a pleasure to play him and his absolutely brutal Dengar. Who, at ps9, with initiative, and some exceptional flying, proceeded to dismantle my army. In my first array of shooting I was able to single out manaroo, but couldn't put damage on him quick enough to position better for when Dengar came in and murdered me. I ended up taking out Manaroo and Dengar finished untouched.


I had got the dice I wanted, along with some other small alt prizes and cards. Overall it was an amazing day of x wing. Thanks to flatland games and everyone playing for a great time.

-M Leggett

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