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Ecthelion III

Favorite Art

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This has probably been asked before, but what is your favorite piece of art in this game? Is it Magali or non-Magali?


I'll start: Distant Stars by John Stanko.





Although Furious Charge by Magali is a close second.

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Cards i have: Boromir(leadership) by Magali. 

Cards i'm buying soon(hopefully): Faramir(probably by Magali)

Cards i don't have and won't have in a while: No clue, but Sam by Alexandre Dainche looks nice( as well as a few others i cant remember

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That's a though one. Leadership Boromir is definitely up there, probably my favorite by Magali. And yes, the Sea-watcher has amazing art, and Owen William Weber has done other amazing art, like Leadership Anborn, which is one of my favorite ally arts ever. But right now, this one pops up in my mind.



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Magali is truly consistantly excellent in my opinion, just stunning.

To pick favourite art.. hmm.. (not even checking if these are or arent Magali).

To pick 3..

Arwen-ally is stunning. Truly stunning.

Core hero Legolas looks amazing too, such a change from the standard blonde/fair.

Im also liking the Dragon from the new belogost pod scenario :)

Edit: Eh? Why doesnt danpoage's choice have a bear on it???

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Good to see this type of thread pop up time to time, as yes we have had the discussion in the past, but many cards have been released since that last time.


I'm a sucker for the landscapes, have always liked A Watchful Peace: A-Watchful-Peace.png


And I really like this one from The Stone of Erech:



 I have to agree about The Evening Star, that is probably my favorite out of The Grey Havens box.  Galadhrim Healer for a card with a character on it:




And recently, this one made a good impression for atmosphere:



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I did not feel there was a reason to play nightmare. However i might have found a reason ti collect! That art.


I agree that the art of Nightmare Mode is amazing, but it really is satisfying to take your most overpowered deck that isn't really fun anymore in Normal Mode against a Nightmare scenario! Or, you could just play Heirs of Numenor, and get the same difficulty!




That said, I have always liked this treachery from the Core Set. The hopeless gaze, the futile map, the lamp that must be running low on oil, this is one of my favorite cards that with just a title, picture and effect tell an entire story.

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Hands down I love Magali's work and is my favourite. The way in some art the background/foreground items fade. The way she brings in light/glare. Her representation/take of the characters is awsome and beter than what I could ever imagine from reading the books, even beter than the movies. Examples I adore is Gimli with armour chain mail, Legolas from core and the new Tactics Eowyn.

My all time top 3 favourite art cards:
From best/most loved.

1. Favour of the Lady:



2. Hands Upon the Bow:



3. Arwen Undomiel: 


For example:

I mean look at the detail "Bilbo's Magic Ring".

Seems like a real picture.


Non-Magali favourite art:
Unseen Strike: Love the theme/setting.


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Unseen Strike is one of my least favourite pieces.


The vibrant yellow hair.


The "badass" ninja pose.


The pointless gore.


It's all in very poor taste imo. 


Maybe I am looking to much into the cards theme and not just looking at what is in front of me.  


I image the elf did a surprise quick lethal double strike leaping from a tree branch or from behind a tree. Running low doing the "unseen strike", very shortly after standing behind the target who has the blood spraying and her doing the move completion "Ninja" pose. 

Because he never saw it coming, executed just like a ninja. 


But I have to agree, the hair could have been done better. The artist obviously went for the fair elf hair look. I also feel it failed a bit.

Also don't care much for the white puffy sleeves, but the blades are nice. However I love the cards theme and atmosphere it creates for me.


what do you think about the following piece Edheliad? 



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