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I Wanna Use Leebo

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I wanna use Leebo to spite my gaming group who says that the 2400 is trash aside from Super Dash. Can any of you help me tweak this list to show them that Leebo is worth his points?


List: "Screw you I like Leebo"




-Lando crew(3)

-Mangler Cannon(4)


-Hull upgrade(3)


Green Squadron Pilot x2 (19)

-Chaardan refit(-2)


-Push The Limit(3)




Total: 98/100


The whole point is to use Leebo's pilot ability to the max whilst relying upon the dice gods and RNJesus to get help from Lando Crew to pile on damage and survive a little longer. The A-wings seemed like a really good

pair to run interference and give a headache to anyone they can. I am considering changing PtL and Juke over to opportunist and Wired for the same point, but I don't know how reliable that can be. Thoughts?

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I think my friend's actually run him before, albeit without determination (and with Lando, who usually works out spectacularly for him, although he runs experimental interface just in case).  It was pretty effective, but still no match for my TIEs.

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I was just making a squad with him last night, we hare having a 3 player game today so thought I'd make a two big ship list

YT-1300: · Chewbacca (42)

Predator (3)

Gunner (5)

· C-3PO (3)

· Millennium Falcon (1)

YT-2400: · "Leebo" (34)

Determination (1)

"Mangler" Cannon (4)

Mercenary Copilot (2)

· Outrider (5)

-- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. --

He is probably a little watered down to squeeze him in with chewie. Hlc and EU I'd really want with him

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Chewbo is actually a pretty cool combo IMHO. If you want to get the HLC onto Leebo, maybe drop the merc co-pilot and swap Predator for Lone Wolf on Chewie. With just 2 ships, keeping them apart should not be too hard and Lone Wolf will give you a defensive buff as well as an offensive one.

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"Leebo" (34)

Lone Wolf (2)

"Mangler" Cannon (4)

Recon Specialist (3)

Outrider (5)


Total: 48


I'm a fan of that Leebo. Two green dice with Recon Spec and Lone Wolf gives you pretty reliable attacks and makes you pretty durable when defending, also. Since you'd be using Lone Wolf, combine with probably 1 other ship in a 2 ship list to make it easy to stay away from your buddies. Chewbacca is probably an easy one and Kanan is probably fine also.

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