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Seattle, WA - Phoenix Comics - Open Play Sundays and Monthly Tournaments

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This is a thread for advertising and discussing organized play at Phoenix Comics and Games in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.


The X-Wing group at Phoenix is a small, casual group that loves teaching new players and playing all kinds of X-Wing games beyond just the standard dogfights.


Currently, we host weekly open casual play at 1 P.M. almost every Sunday (may be preempted by other events occasionally). The store also has table space most other days of the week for anyone who just wants a space to come in and play. On open play days we often do missions/scenarios, Epic play, and campaigns from the Huge ship booklets, as well as standard 100 point games.


We also host monthly tournaments! They are on the 3rd Sunday of each month, at Noon. Tournaments alternate between the standard FFG format and non-standard formats such as Hanger Bay, Escalation, Highlander, and so on. Suggestions for events you'd like to see us run are welcome!


Next tournament: September 18th at 1 P.M. - September Summer Kit tournament with extra prizes! Three lucky players will get some of their ships MAGNETIZED! Facebook event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1121962007884047/


Group mailing list: If you would like to be notified by email of news and events for this group, send me a private message with your name and email address. We also use the mailing list for coordinating things like Epic games that take some pre-planning.


Details about Phoenix Comics and Games:


Store website: http://phoenixseattle.com/


Store address: 113 Broadway Ave E., Seattle WA 98103


Travel Info: Phoenix Comics is located on Broadway near Olive/John, in the heart of Capitol Hill. It is extremely close to the Link train station, as well as bus routes 8, 10, and 49. The store does not have its own parking lot, but there is street parking available on Broadway (usually for pay and with time limits) and in the surrounding neighborhood (usually free).


Food: A small selection of drinks and snacks are for sale in the store. "Richard's" Burgers (actual restaurant name is censored, lol) is right next door, and various other restaurants are nearby as well. Outside food and drink is fine in the store as long as you are clean and responsible with it.


Additional store info: Phoenix Comics has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. Please take note of the store rules posted on the wall, as these help us maintain that atmosphere. Preorders and special orders of X-Wing and other products are available if you talk to one of the employees. More info about sales, events, and products can be found on the store website.

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Here are the details for our May tournament at Noon on May 15th:

  • Standard 100 point format
  • $5 Entry fee
  • FFG Spring Kit prizes (alt art Veteran Instincts participation prize, acrylic Ion Tokens for top 8, alt art IG-88C for top 2, and a metal X-Wing challenge coin for 1st prize)
  • Additional store credit prizes depending on number of entries.
  • MAXIMUM of 16 players due to store size and hours
  • Preregistration should be available on Phoenix Comics' website at least 1 week prior to the event
  • Store opens at 11 A.M., tournament starts at Noon. Store closes at 7 P.M.
  • 3 or 4 swiss rounds, depending on number of players. There will not be an elimination cut.
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I'd like to announce Phoenix Comic's June tournament - Sunday, the 19th at Noon - will be a Highlander format tournament with prizes from the FFG Spring Kit.

Here are the details:

* $5 entry fee
* Squads must be exactly THREE ships, ONE from each faction, totaling 100 points or less
* Faction-specific upgrades are still faction-specific (e.g. Palpatine can still only go on Imperial ships)
* Tournament starts at NOON. Store opens at 11 A.M.
* Maximum 16 players.
* Preregistration will be available online prior to the event.
* No elimination cut, only swiss rounds.
* Prizes from the FFG Spring Kit (alt art Veteran Instincts, acrylic Ion tokens, alt art IG-88C, and a metal challenge coin), plus store credit depending on number of entries

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Since Phoenix Comics and Games didn't have a July tournament, our August event is going to be an extra-large "Double Summer" free-for-all! Sunday, August 21st, at 1 P.M.



  • $10 entry fee

  • TWO Summer Tournament kits worth of prizes

  • One Small ship per player, up to 33 squad points

  • Free-for-all format (a.k.a. “Furball”) - points and “bounty tokens” are awarded for each enemy ship destroyed. Ships with more bounty tokens on them are worth more points!

  • Players can re-enter the game the round after their ship is destroyed.

  • A TIE Fighter Challenge Coin will be awarded to the Top Two players by points

  • A Corran Horn alt art pilot card will be awarded to each of the players with the following “achievements” (max 1 per player):

  • * Most kills

  • * Most assists

  • * Largest accumulated bounty

  • * Most annoying (number of Stress, Ion, and Tractor Beam tokens handed out to other players)

  • Two Predator alt art upgrade cards and a set of three Acrylic Stress Tokens will be given to all participating players!

  • Additional store credit prizes depending on number of entries

  • Tournament will be limited to 16 players maximum.

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Some additional rules updates and clarifications for the "Double Summer" free-for-all event this Sunday:


  • "Lone Wolf" is banned.
  • Discarded upgrades, such as ordnance, Adrenaline Rush, Cool Hand, etc., are brought back upon respawn.
  • If you drop a mine or conner net token on the board and are destroyed before it triggers on any enemy ships, the token is also removed.
  • When respawning, the player may choose what edge of the board to place their ship on, but their ship must be placed beyond Range 3 of all other ships if at all possible, even if that means needing to choose a different board edge.
  • Assists will be based solely on actually dealing damage, not stripping tokens or otherwise interfering with enemies. To score an assist, you must deal damage to a ship in the same round that ship is destroyed by another player.
  • The size of the playing area and number of obstacles will be scaled to the number of players.
  • Obstacles will be provided by the TO.
  • If table space becomes an issue, some game components (templates, dice, tokens, etc.) may need to be shared.

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Big thanks to everyone who came out to our August event - with 16 players on a single table, it was an amazing and chaotic game!


Now, I'd like to announce our next monthly event...


Sunday, September 18th at 1 P.M.


Join us at Phoenix Comics and Games for our monthly X-Wing event. September brings us a standard Summer Kit tournament with the usual rules and rewards, plus an extra door prize for three lucky players - get your ships MAGNETIZED!

  • $5 Entry Fee
  • Standard 100 Point tournament
  • 16 Players maximum
  • 4 rounds maximum - no cut to elimination rounds
  • No Wave 9 ships/cards unless the general wide release happens first
  • Summer kit prizes (TIE Fighter challenge coin, alt-art Corran Horn, acrylic Stress tokens)
  • Store credit prizes depending on number of entries
  • ADDITIONAL DOOR PRIZE: three lucky players will have the chance to have two of their small-base ships and pegs MAGNETIZED - two winners will be chosen randomly, and the third prize will go to the player with the WORST record for the day (arrangement for actually performing the work and delivering the prize will be coordinated with the TO after the tournament)
  • Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1121962007884047/

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