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Proudly made in the USA

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                             LucasFilm  -----Yeah ok use our IP----->  FFG



Nowhere in there is Disney telling FFG where to manufacture their stuff. Ok PSA over. 

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XYZB? Sounds like a list building challange! (See now we are back on topic)

Here goes:

Tarn, R7, IA

Horton, TLT


Farlander, FCS, TB, Adaptability

Ion turret and upgrade Bandit to Tala.

Ion turret is wasted on Horton, his rerolls are range 2-3

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I've seen merican cars build quality, i'll buy European every time.

'Murrican cards would be huge then :D

2 liters? Only juice comes in 2 liter packs! ©True 'Murrican



The small upgrade cards are actually american format cards, so nope, not huge in this case :D

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I've seen merican cars build quality, i'll buy European every time.


Our Chryslers were mostly ok, though needed to replace the complete gears twice.  Luckily those Tesla have no gear. ;-)

Shame about the spontaneous fires though.

To be on par with combustion, you'd need more spontenaneous fires though, wouldn't you?

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You all realize that not all factories in China are automatically terrible?

What do you even know about the facilities that manufacture X-Wing?


Foxcon is the best factory in the world.

Foxconn Installing Suicide Prevention Nets



If that doesn't prove that Chinese slave drivers er factory owners dont love their slaves what would? 

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If it were made in the US it would quite possibly be made in prisons. Chinese semislave labor or US semi slave labor doesn't much matter to me.

In my humble opinion, working conditions in the western countries are, lets say, slightly better than in the PRC. And no semi slave labour in my country's penal centers. Last time I visited the US the conditions there were better than in the PRC, too.

In my work I must buy huge ammounts of material from China. When I go shopping I buy EU made clothes, shoes, etc. Also when purchasing space ships. Many, many industries moved from my country to Morocco or the fast east. I am sad about it

Maybe they is for you but you pay more

What is the % rate of low income families in the US?

Many cannot afford to pay more

Im all for not getting China to build everything but sadly it is cheaper, not just because of the low pay/child labor, but they also don't have the safety structure, or carbon tax etc, health-care/benefits that you would get if you were in USA, or Canada

It's the corporations to blame.

Where do you think apple, and Microsoft make their products? Which are America companies.

The cost to make in China is just so low. Look at China environment.

It's practically destroyed with water with high amount of metal content not safe for a dog to drink

The haze from the factories and coal makes it unsafe, where they even cancel school.

It's sick, and it's the greedy bastards like apply, and the corrupt politicians and their government in China that allow this to happen.

It's sick really

Sadly it's near impossible to buy something not made in China now a days.

And again it's just so cheap that if it was made in America what would the cost be

How much would an iPhone cost you if it was made in America?

Maybe you could afford it, but how many would?

Also China now as the most amount of billionaire per capital.


Because they are greedy. With no care for the earth, or the people.

Just their wallets

I mean if you have a billion dollars, do you really need more

Would it hurt take 100million and use that to make the world a better place

Now that just makes me mad

I say people should do what they did in the French Revolution

Dust off the guillotine

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I wonder if USA ever goes to war with China where are we going to get all our products. I guess they'll have to reopen american factories.


did you know that due to the trade deficit with china, it's super cheap to ship things from california to china, and that dought-ridden california actually spends water to produce cattle feed that is exported to feed animals in china? it's cheaper to ship it to china than to put it in a truck for the american mid states.

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