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Fat Han and Jake Farrell at a Local Spring Kit Tournament

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Han and Jake (97)


Han Solo  (64)

- Predator

- C-3PO

- Luke Skywalker

- Millennium Falcon

- Engine Upgrade


Jake Farrell  (33)

- Veteran Instincts

- Push the Limit

- A-Wing Test Pilot

- Proton Rockets

- Autothrusters


I played this list about 8 times before the tournament. I won most of those games so I decided to take it to the tournament. Here were my thoughts on the list going into the tournament.



- Durable: Han can shrug off damage and survive long enough if he isn't getting shot by too many enemies at once. Jake can dodge arcs and evade an attack or two directed at him each round.

- Consistent: Han can consistently get three hits without taking a focus or target lock. Luke can help get through ships relying on tokens for defense.

- Maneuverable: Both ships are PS9, I have a 3 point initiative bid, and have re-positioning abilities. Jake can go just about anywhere. And Han can get around very well with his one turn, three bank, or four straight.



- Low Damage Output: With only two ships, even focus firing doesn't put a lot of damage on a single target. The Proton Rockets help this problem, but they only work once. So you have to choose your target carefully.

- Weak vs Swarms and TLT: Han specifically doesn't like TLT as they negate C-3PO very well, and he can't get out of their arc. Swarms are able to put a lot of shots into Han as well, making his damage mitigation less effective.



The Tournament


We had 11 players, which is about average for our store. All regulars that I knew already, except for one. Scum is popular at the store, and this day reflected that. There were 5 scum lists, 4 rebel lists, and 2 imperial lists.


Round 1: I get paired against my friend running Dash and two Blue Squadron B-Wings. He had to shave a few points of Dash to make room for the B-Wings, but he still has PTL, HLC, and the Outrider title. My original thought was to get into range one of Dash with both my ships and take him down as fast as I could, knowing I could kill the Bs easily after that. However, he sent the Bs towards me, keeping Dash at a safe distance. However Dash was at too safe of a distance. I was able to keep Han just outside of his range most of the time. I took out the B-Wings while only taking minimal shots from Dash. With Han only missing a few shields, and Jake still at full health, the match ended very quickly after that. 1-0.


Round 2: I get paired against the one player I didn't already know. He was flying Manaroo, Palob with a Blaster Turret, and Bossk with Opportunist. It was an interesting list, he made good use of passing tokens with Manaroo, and Palob as they both had Attanni Mindlink. I wanted to take down Palob as quickly as I could because he really shuts down Jake. He did a good job of protecting him with Bossk and Manaroo. Eventually I was able to lead him into the rocks. This kept Bossk out of the fight for a while, but not before he got a good shot on Han. It took a while but I was eventually able to isolate Palob and take him down. Then I took out the previously injured Manaroo. I gave up half points on Han, but escaped with the victory when time expired. 2-0.


Round 3: I get paired with another three ship scum list. This time it is Dengar, Zuckuss, and a Binayre Pirate. Dengar was pretty standard, Punishing One title, PTL, K4 Security Droid, and Unhinged. Zuckuss has VI, FCS, Mist Hunter title, and Gunner. He has two PS9 ships, but my initiative bid allowed me to pass the initiative to him. This would be key. I wanted to take out Dengar first knowing I would easily dodge the arc of Zuckuss in the late game. As it went he sent the Pirate out to block, but it got chopped down by Han in two rounds of firing. I lead him into the rocks once again and it paid off. He clipped a rock with Dengar and I was able to get a Proton Rocket on him taking all his shields off. After that he was desperately trying to chase the Falcon while ignoring Jake. I was able to keep the Falcon just out of Dengars range and whittle down Zuckuss in the process. Eventually he manages to get both his guys in range of the Falcon, but I pulled a one turn when he was expecting a three bank. So Zuckuss had no shot and I was able to take out the wounded Dengar. After that Zuckuss went down fast.. 3-0.


Round 4: The final round, one other player is 3-0, and he is flying the triple JumpMasters, all with Deadeye, R4 Agromech, Plasma Torpedos, Guidance Chips, and Extra Munitions. I hadn't played this match up before, but I knew what to expect. My plan was to take Han from just outside of range into range 1. And to flank with Jake as always. However I misjudged my approach and took a Plasma Torpedo in the opening round of fire. That took all of Hans shields. I also made a mistake in my targeting priority. I shot at the JumpMaster that was closest to Han, however I then bumped that one the next round so I couldn't shoot it again. After that things fell apart quickly. Han was able to get half points on two of the JumpMasters before he died. But there was just too much left for Jake to handle. 3-1. 


Conclusion: I finished in 2nd place by 1 MOV point over the third place guy (my round 2 opponent). I scored an alternate art IG-88C, and alternate art Veteran Instincts, three acrylic Ion tokens, and some store credit. I learned a lot, especially in the last round. I am planning on taking this list to regionals. So I'll be practicing against the triple JumpMaster list a few more times. I really like flying this list. I like its consistency, and the choices it gives me. And most importantly, I had fun.


Highlight Moment: I rolled four natural evades with the Falcon! How does the Falcon even get four evade dice you ask? Well the shot was range three, through a rock, and taken by Zuckuss who activated his ability. The attack got 4 hits. Four evade dice got thrown... all four evades! And I even had an evade token too.

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Congrats on coming in second!


I often play this list (and variants thereof) and LOVE it!

I am glad to see/hear that others are playing/enjoying/succeeding with it.


Rolling 4 evades with the Falcon!!!??? The force was with you that day!  :P

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