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Social Meeples, game night just got easy!

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Hello fellow gamers,

     I've been quiet on these boards for awhile as I've had my head down working on a project. I started the thread https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/110115-earning-your-wings-a-guide-for-understanding-movment/?p=1143721 because I had a desire to help build a better community. That desire still drives me today as I'm proud to announce the project I've been working on is now open to public beta. https://socialmeeples.com is a way for hobby table top gamers to organize meet ups for a single use event to play a game. This will make it easier to set up X-Wing games so a wide range of people can see the event and come join you. The goal I was trying to solve was the lack of people to play with. So please if you get the chance head over to socialmeeples.com and create an account.


Since we have just started the list of places to play are limited. If you don't see your local game shop where you play X-Wing on the map for Store Locator or Create Event be sure to show this site to the owner or manager of that location so they can create an account and request the location be added to the system. The form for new locations to be added is under the request tab and a web form to fill out to submit the location for approval. Once the location is added to the system you can create your X-Wing event or any other FFG game and go play. This will make it easy to play games, where you want and when you want. Be sure to also give us a like on Facebook so you can keep up with the latest developments from Social Meeples.

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