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Any chance of getting these ships in the future?

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Skipray Blastboat - Yes, why not, it is a decent size for the game with some possibly interesting builds.

I-7 Howlrunner - Yes, nice cheapo ship that can be an alternative to the Z-95

V-wing (from Rogue squadron game and Dark Empire comic) - No, it is an airskimmer

Slave 2 - No, we already have slave 1 and this would not be different enough

TIE Scout - No, it just wouldn't have a purpose

TIE Avenger - Yes why not, I love this ship so much I decided to get one 3D printed.

T-wing - I would like to but we have the M3-A, which is similar. Also confuses people as they may think it is a rebel ship.

Assault Gunboat - YES YES YES YES !!!!   The imperials need a ship like this. Something tough that doesn't look like a tie fighter.

Missile Boat - Don't need as the punisher does this role

Sun Crusher - lol

Lady Luck - Only suitable for epic, but just doesn't look combaty enough...

Stinger (Xizors's main ship) - Maybe?

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