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hi guys, with the death of ufs in Sheffield, and my lack of free time due to my A levels, i have decided to get rid of my collection.


4x close throw

4x stand off

4x path of the master

4x astrid**

4x jin kazama

3x the peaceful way (should be 4 but cant find the last one)

2x clash of the ages

2x perfect memory

2x the devil within

1x ancient burial site

1x white crane

1x steve fox

1x dariya

1x marius gaius

1x padma

ultra rare

4x wolfkrone monument

4x shockwave palm

3x shredding vibrato

3x dragon's flame

3x driven by fear

2x alshaim najm

2x pseudo-soul edge

2x ice coffin of the sleeping ancient

2x dark geo da ray

2x striking thunder

2x controller of souls

2x wrath of heaven

1x scroll of the celestial dawn

1x knight breaker

1x valued but not trusted

1x paying respect from the ancestors

1x two deadly rings technique

1x twilight embrace

1x scroll of the abyss

1x lightning horn

1x menuett dance

1x raging gnome

1x ice pick

and pretty much one of every other ultra rare from the two base sets.


5x memory that stains its armour

5x fierce twin slash

5x hildes asset

4x intolerant of failure

4x dragon lifter

4x midnight launcher

3x valkyrja's shield

3x eiserne drossel

2x calm the mind

2x atoning for the past

1x lethal fighting style

1x keep them down

1x the ultimate team

1x overconfidence

1x double face kick

plus one of every rare from the first two base sets.


If you are interested in anything email me at


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