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Rebels Season 2 Source book in the making,,,

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Posting this here as well since its related to Age of Rebellion :)


Drathen here from Rancor Publishing Group (rpg  ;)  )


I wanted to let you community know that we have been hard at work on our beginner set “Shadow Over Tarkintown” as well as the follow up adventure and hope to have it pushed in the next few weeks! Jaspor has been hard at work beta testing this with a few members of the community and the feedback has been great!


I would like to announce though, that we are starting to get our follow up source book to “Spark of Rebellion” which has been titled “From the Ashes” the season 2 source book for Star Wars Rebels!


“From the Ashes” of course will have an Age of Rebellion theme given the direction of the show. Not a only will the book have information from season 2, but we will also be including Planet info and Races from “Kanan The Last Padawan “. This includes things like the planet Kaller and the Kallerans! Let alone from possible modular encounter named “It belongs in a museum” with one of my favorite characters from the Darth Vader series…Rogue Archaeologist Aphra.


We are diving in head first as usual, however at this time, we are looking for a few writers who would be interested in assisting us. If you are interested in contributing please feel free to message me and we can see about getting you to work J. Even if you are not a writer and feel like you can contribute something please do not be shy and message me and we can see what we can do for you!!


Edit:  Writing assignments would be in regards to Modular Encounter writing  / stats Ex.. Ships, Npcs, Weapons. 


With all this being said though, I would like to close with a teaser image of the cover of course  :)  I hope you enjoy it!




May the force be with you!

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This is good to see.  However, isn't Aphra in the Vader series and therefore after Episode 4?


She existed though before then though ;)





The source you are citing doesn't have a whole lot of information, at least not without massive speculation.  If anything, she might be a secondary source if needed, but I would leave her out.  The only time that might change would be if there was a massive information dump on her or if she gets killed in the series.


Personally, I would just focus on the Season 2 Rebels for now.  There is a lot of information being covered with what was released this season.

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I'm in for help with the writing. If you need some written work done I'd be glad to help, I'm not a bad proof reader either if that's any use. I'll send you contact details in a PM as I don't actually log in to the forums that often. I am a lurker by nature.

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