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Whirlwind of Death questions

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I have a character that has two hand weapons and whirlwind of death.


The combat rules say you can only do one half action with the subtype of "attack" a turn and half actions must be different.  However whirlwind seems to be a talent that does not have an special action associated, it just lets you do a regular standard attack as a half action and additional standard attacks based on enemies that are engages and weapon skill bonus.  So does that mean that a character can (a) use whirlwind twice since it's technically not a combat action and is already letting you break the rule of single uses of specific actions a turn and/or (b) use whirlwind and then another different action with the attack subtype?


The smell test is that no you can't spam attacks using multiple whirlwinds or combining it with other attacks but I can't find something that specifically stops that.


The second question is since whirlwind creates standard attacks can you then use your second hand weapon with all of those attacks?  Again it seems that this would be no since whirlwind does not say you can and stuff like swift attack says you allowed but I want to make sure I am not cheating that player out of his abilities.


EDIT WELP should have checked the faq first.  I'll include to show my mistake!


Question: Does using this talent count as the character performing a Standard Attack or should it be considered its own special type of attack action?

Answer: It is a Standard Attack, once against the first target and then with additional Standard Attacks against other foes.


Question: Can a character combine this talent with the Aim action (page 218)?

Answer: Yes. The Aim bonus would only apply to the first Standard Attack however.


Question: Can this talent be combined with Devastating Assault talent (page 125)?

Answer: No. The latter is done in conjunction with the All Out Attack action.


Question: Can this talent be combined with the Two-Weapon Wielder talent (page 132)?

Answer: Yes. The attack made using the weapon in each hand can only be done with a Standard Attack however—the user cannot use Lightning Attacks or full auto bursts here.

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