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Ship Deployment Question

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I believe this has already been answered, but I haven't been able to find answers online.


So the LTP rulebook says: "Ships must be placed within their player's deployment zone. A player's deployment zone is the portion of the setup area that is at distance 1-3 of his edge of the play area."


So I am confused due to wording. Is the deployment area between distance 1 and 3 or between 0 and 3? 


I am confused due to wording because is mentioned here: 

"Squadrons must be placed within distance 1-2 of a friendly ship."


noob question, but thanks for the help.  :D

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So it is 0-3 as you put.

Basically the ship can be placed anywhere within distance 3 of the edge and squads must be placed Within distance 2 of a ship.

When they say 1-3 they do not mean "between" 1 & 3 but rather anything in the Distance 1 band, any where in the Distance 2 band and anywhere in the Distance 3 band

Does that clear it up?

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And also remember that your fighters must be 1-2 from a friendly ship and still inside 3 of your edge.


Not true. Squads can go outside of 3 from your edge.


Correct but they can not go outside of the setup area  (so no squadrons in the foot of no mans land on either side of the setup area.

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