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Conjurer questions

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3 minutes ago, Lightningclaw said:

I do wonder if Word of Pain becomes a worthwhile buy with a Conjurer. Seems like it in theory, but alas I cannot test it while my collection is far away.

Seems like it would work, since Image tokens are treated as heroes for the purpose of OL cards, they would all need to roll a saving throw, and each one that failed would deal one damage to the Conjurer.

Couple that with Word of Misery, you could give a Conjurer a really bad day.

Interestingly...  Say a Conjurer has 3 image tokens in play, near a Barghest.  Play Word of Misery, and that Barghest does Howl. All 3 images fail the test and die, each deal 1 damage to the Conjurer.  Are those 3 separate damage sources for Word of Misery?

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I am pretty sure the ruleing on Syndraels heroic ability is that she can not end her turn in a different space than she started in, it does not have to be the result of a move action, so teleporting or porting to images would still count as a move and so she would not recover fatigue.

Any time a figure or other object changes its position from one space to another space on the map, it is considered to have moved in a general sense. This includes movement with movement points, "Move up to your space", "Move X spaces", and "Remove and place" effects.  This general definition of movement is relevant for Syndrael.


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