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Dengar + Manaroo + N'Dru (98pts)

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98 Points


Dengar (33)

Dead Eye (1)

EM (2)

Plasma Torps (3)

OR4 (1)

Guidance Chips (0)

Total: 40


Manaroo (27)

Dead Eye (1)

EM (2)

Proton Torps (4)

OR4 (1)

Fett (1)

Guidance Chips (0)

Total: 36


N'Dru Shulhak (17)

Veteran Instincts (1)

Cluster Missiles (4)

Guidance Chips (0)

Total: 22


untested list. looking for some feedback. who is using Dengar? his ability seems pretty good. a free attack on a ship firing head on at you. even if u get to use it once or twice its good right?

Manaroo can pass a focus or target lock to either ship which seems solid. N'Dru packs a punch and if i flank with him and keep him well clear of my other ships his offense is boosted.



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