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Strange question about the peril track

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Hi all,


I noticed something strange about the peril track on the quest cards and wondered if anybody here had a clue as to what it means.


On every card, there is one of the triangle that miss a skull in the centerm Nost cards show it on the first triangle but tracing and toxican shows it on the second circle. Anyone noticed that?


I'm curious if i missed a rule or if that is just an art thing.


Any thoughts?





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The blank triangle is where the peril starts. The reason Tracking the Toxicant is different is that it's the only one with an option to decrease peril.


I wonder why that triangle to the left (in Tracing the Toxicant) of the starting one is Green?


Seems pointless to be green considering that the peril marker will always move one to the right before activating.  May have well as been a normal colored triangle.

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