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Homebrew Psychic Phenomena?

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One of the things that bugs me and my GM about the Psychic Phenomena or Perils of the Warp table, is it's an incredibly polarized table. With only a few exceptions almost everything in the table does either so little as to be trivial ("Oh no! The walls are bleeding. This changes nothing regarding the charging Ork in front of us, and he's burnt to a crisp by your Fire bolt.") or practically an instant-death sentence, with very little in between. 


It's kind of.... frustrating for at least my GM and myself to an extent that, the vast majority of the time, the Phenomena either may not have happened at all, or it just wiped the party. So I figure it might be interesting to make some homebrewed Phenomena. Stuff that won't necessarily result in a TPK, or absolutely nothing happening, but rather cause either annoyances or inconveniences for the character, if not at least something the GM can have some fun with. Vice Versa is a good example of something like this, imho.

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Try this list from our group

1 Dark Foreboding: A very faint breeze blows past the Psyker and those near him, and everyone gets the eerie feeling that something unfortunate has just happened somewhere in the galaxy.

2–3 Subconscious Link: A single item within 20m of the Psyker slightly moves. The item is random, but items that have recently been in the eyes of the Psyker have the highest probability.

4–5 Warp Echo: For a few seconds, voices and other noises cause echoes regardless of surroundings.

6–7 Ethereal Stench: The air around the Psyker fills with a faint smell, which can either be pleasant or noxious.

8–9 Time Dilation: The time slows ever so slightly for the psyker. He cannot use reactions until his next turn.

10–11 Mounting Paranoia: The Psyker gets an itch between his shoulder blades for a few moments.

12 Throat Pinch: because of a minuscule change in air composition, all throat or tube based noise increases its frequency for 1d5 minutes.

13 Grave Chill: The temperature drops sharply for a few seconds and a fine coating of frost covers everything within 3d10 metres of the Psyker.

14–15 Warp Fade: The warp retreats from the psyker. Until after the next successfull Psy power test or for 1d5 hours (whichever comes first), any warp-based tests made within 1d100m take a -10 penalty, and psychic powers increase their threshold by 2 (this does not apply to the current power)

16–17 Unnatural Aura: All animals within 1d100 metres become spooked and restless.

18–19 Memory Worm: All people within line of sight of the Psyker forget something trivial.

20–21 Past Connection: The psyker briefly connects his mind to a character he interacted with several hours ago. None of them realize who the person is or what is happening, but both suddenly get the idea what the other person is doing at the momennt.

22–23 Spoilage: Food goes off and drink goes stale in a radius of 5d10 metres.

24–25 Haunting Breeze: Moderate winds whip up around the Psyker for a few seconds, blowing very light objects about within 3d10 metres.

26–27 Dizzling Rotation: Suddenly, it seems that the planet has switched position. Everyone in 1d100m is disoriented and forget where noth, east, south or west are, and must check again. They may immediately remember if they are in a well-known location.

28–29 Veil of Darkness: For a brief moment (effectively the remainder of the round) it seems to everyone within 3d10 metres of the Psyker that night has fallen, plunging the area into darkness.

30–31 Diffuse Fog: Water and other vaporous substances evaporate in 1d100 radius at a rapid pace from any material that is ready to release it. All living beings become extremely thirsty, and drip with sweat. Wet things dry, and enclosed liquid canisters with weak shells implode. Lakes and rivers lose volume. As a result, a huge fog raises in the same area after 1 turn. It acts as Smoke (weapon quality), and lasts for 1d10 turns.

32 Scorned Shadow: The shadow of the psyker in the warp irradiates intense negativity. Anyone within 1d100m reduces their disposition to the psyker by 1 step, resulting in more difficult Fellowship tests, and possibly less beneficial behavior. If the disposition was already very low, they gain hatred for the psyker for 1 hour. Noone can feel the reason for this, unless someone passes a psyniscience test - in that case, the effect for that person is negated.

33 Distorted Reflection: Mirrors break and other reflective surfaces distort or ripple within 5d10 metres of the Psyker.

34 Sulfidic Fallout: a small cloud of ashes silently fills the sky, and a strong smell of sulphur can be felt. If anyone in 3d10m radius runs, charges, swims, or takes on any other strenous activity on their next turn, they choke on the particles and take a level of Fatigue. The ash quickly falls to the ground and settles.

35 Breath Leech: Everyone (including the Psyker) become short of breath for a round and cannot make any Run or Charge Actions.

36–37 Daemonic Mask: For a fleeting moment the Psyker takes on a Daemonic appearance and gains a Fear Rating of 1 for the remainder of the Round, but also gains 1 Corruption Point.

38–39 Magnetic Mist: small dust and water particles cover all exposed surfaces in 1d100m around the psyker. Until at least roughly cleaned (half-action), scopes, visors, and camera(vision) based tools provide no benefit, masks that cover all face increase the difficulity of vision-based tests by -20, and gas masks are clogged.

40–41 Unnatural Decay: All plants within 3d10 metres of the Psyker wither and die.

42–43 Spectral Gale: Howling winds erupt around the Psyker, lifting him slightly into the air and forcing both him and anyone within 4d10 metres to make an Easy (+30) Agility Test or be knocked to the ground.

44 Bioresonance: Everyone within 1d100m have their hair and nails grow at extortionate speeds. Each increases by 1d10cm in length over the next minute.

45 Transmute: A random weapon in a 3d10 metres is transmuted, as its metal silently becomes somewhat brittle and alien. The weapon loses a step of quality, and skilled artisans can recognise it to be heretical. If the weapon was already of poor quality, it will shatter into shards the next time it jams.

46–47 Bloody Tears: Blood weeps from stone and wood within 3d10 metres of the Psyker. If there are any pictures of people or statues in this radius, they appear to be crying blood.

48–49 The Earth Protests: The ground suddenly shakes and everyone (including the Psyker) within a 5d10 metre radius must make a Routine (+10) Agility Test or be knocked down.

50 Static Buildup: A strong static force gathers in the general vicinity of the psyker. Usually, within the next minute a thunderstorm forms above the area where the psyker was. It rages for 1d5 minutes. Every 1d10 turns (roll again after each strike; simply use every 30 seconds for narrative time) a lightning bolt strikes a random metallic object (that may be a thing that a human has) within 2d100m of the epicenter. The bolt deals 3d10 standart energy damage both to the object, and to its holder. While this storm is strong and unexpected, it is othervise rather ordinary, and does not scream "psychic phenomena" to anyone that does not know that there is a psyker around.

51 Photonic Fury: For the next 1d5 turns, any light source that is in 1d100m range from the psyker intensifies 100 times. Regular street lights, flashlights and fireplaces become extremely bright, and characters that look in their direction and do not pass a Perception test are blinded for the rest of their turn. Nightlamps and lighters are enough to make night bright as day. Flasbangs and extremely large lights set affected targets on fire. Las weapons gain an additional 1d10 damage and the overheat quality.

52–53 Psy Discharge: Static electricity fills the air for 6d10 metres causing hair to stand on end, while the Psyker rises 1d5 metres into the air, falling back to earth after a second or two.

54–55 Warp Ghosts: Ghostly apparitions fill the air for 3d10 metres around the Psyker, flying around and howling in pain for a few brief moments. Everyone in the radius must make a WP Test or gain 1 Insanity Point.

56–57 Falling Upwards: Everything within 2d10 metres of the Psyker (including him) rises 1d10 metres into the air as gravity briefly disappears before falling to the ground after a second or two.

58 Heat Wave: The temperature briefly jumps by 100C in 2d10 metres around the psyker. Soft metals slightly deform, and extremely combustable materials go off.

59 Tongue of Origin: for 1d5 minutes, all sentient creatures in 1d100m use daemonic tongue when they speak. Among themselves, they notice no difference, except that they suddenly can understand foreign or even Xeno languages. This does not apply to reading, non-sentient sources, or creatures that were outside of the area at the point of manifestation - all of which seem somewhat unintelligible. In turn, unaffected people cannot understant the people that have been affected, and hear their voice to be alien and creepy.

60–61 Banshee Howl: A deafening keening sounds out for a kilometre, shattering glass and forcing everyone in the area (including the Psyker) to make a Toughness Test or be deafened for 1d10 Rounds.

62–63 The Furies: The Psyker is thrown to the ground by unseen hands and thrashes about for a few moments as winds howl about within 6d10 metres of him, lifting up light objects and forcing those in the area to make Agility Tests or be blown down.

64–65 Unwanted Attention: The psyker gets the feeling that he has attracted the attention of something big. For the next 1d5 minutes, powers that he manifests invoke phenomena on 2 more dice rolls than usual (on 8, 9 and 10, usually). This stacks with other Warp-opening effects, such as the power Weaken Veil (in that case, phenomena are invoked on a roll of 6 or higher, ect.)

65-67 Shadow of the Warp: For a split second the world changes in appearance and everyone within 1d100 metres has a glimpse at the heart of the warp. Everyone in the area (including the Psyker) must make a WP Test or gain 1d5 Insanity Points.

68 Tech Scorn: The machine spirits reject your unnatural ways. All tech devices within 5d10 metres malfunction momentarily and all ranged weapons Jam (see Chapter VII: Playing the Game).

69 Tech Affection: Machine spirits applaud your curious ways. Any guns or mechanical weapons within 5d10 metres discharge at the most rapid possible pace. Treat this as suppresion in terms of calculating possible hits. The weapons may not be used again until the user passes an Ordinary (+10) BS (for balistic weapons) or Tech-Use (for any other relevant weapons), as they try to get the weapons back under control.

70 Rippling Phenomena: Roll twice more on the Psychic Phenomena table (applying modifiers and talents each time).

71 Psychic Resonance: If the power suceeded, treat it to have an extra Overbleed. However, the psyker must pass a difficult (-10) WP test or lose control of the power. In this case the power fails, and psyker receives energy damage equal to the number of dice used in the power roll, that is not reduced by Armor. If the original power failed, the psyker gains 1d5 Corruption Points.

72 Archeotech Reappearance: A strange metallic construct, similar to an enclosed phone booth or a spacecraft landing capsule, suddenly materialises in 1d20m of the psyker, in an empty space. It radiates intense cold and warp energies in a few meter radius, but does not have any windows or obious entrance points. It invokes a Fear(1) test. In addition, anyone that dares to come closer than 3 metres from it must test Willpower again, or gain a Corruption Point. The object can be used as non-primitive Cover (32). It suddenly dissapears back into the warp after 3d5 turns.

73 Warp Madness: A violent ripple of discord causes all creatures within 2d10 metres (with the exception of the Psyker) to become Frenzied for a Round and gain a Corruption Point.

74-75 Holy Protection: The psyker gets a sence that something truly horrific was about to happen, but the Emperor himself has thrust him out of the warp. He loses 1 FP, as if it was used. If he has no FP left, treat this as a result of 76.

76+ Perils of the Warp: Invoking the Psychic Power calls down a maelstrom of warp energy power. Roll on Table 6-3: Perils of the Warp, page 163 and apply the results to the Psyker. If the power used is a discipline power, and if the phenomena roll is odd (ex. 77, 79, ect.), then instead Roll on the perils of that specific discipline.

and perils for ussual powers

01 The Calling: The Psyker desacralizes the warp with his meddling. All warp entities within 1d5 km act as if the psyker has tounted them. They charge him. If no entities are present, phenomena are invoked by 1 more dice roll for 1 minute.

02–04 The Gibbering: The Psyker screams in pain as uncontrolled warp energies surge through his unprotected mind. He must make a Willpower Test or gain 1d5 Insanity Points.

05–07 Warp Burn: A violent burst of energy from the warp smashes into the Psyker’s mind, sending him reeling. He is Stunned for 1d5 Rounds.

08–09 Teleport: The psyker is immediately teleported a short distance. Consult the scatter diagram, rolling 1d10 for direction, 1d10m for distance, and 1d10m for height. The psyker cannot get stuck inside objects this way - in this case, the psyker appears on top of the object (even if it is 100 meters tall).

10 Vertigo: Warp presence and sensations flails around everywhere in 1d100 metres around the psyker. Everyone is stunned for 1d5 rounds or until they can pass an ordinary(+10) Perception test (free action) at the start of their turn, whichever is faster.

11–12 Psychic Concussion: With a crack of energy the Psyker is knocked unconscious for 1d5 Rounds and everyone within 3d10 metres must make a Willpower Test or be Stunned for a Round.

13–16 Psy-Blast: There is an explosion of power and the Psyker is thrown 1d10 metres into the air, falling to the ground (see page 210 for Falling Damage).

17 Swarm of Hell: For 1d5 rounds, flying insects (flies, locusts) swarm in a 4d100 metres area in a cloud, getting caught in machinery and biting at unprotected flesh. Everyone must pass a Toughness test or gain a level of fatigue, and afterwards take -20 to all tests for 1d5 rounds .

18 Eye of the Storm: A tornado forms in a 2d10 metre radius around the psyker (forming a ring), and rages for 1d10 turns. The tornado lifts anything and anyone that is lighter than 2d100 kg and crosses its perimeter, and lifts it up (characters might attempt a Strenght check to resist). Also, every turn the tornado moves 1d5 metres in a random direction. The psyker must spend every turn either concentrating his will to resist the tornado (full move), or he must test Strenght (free action) and be sucked in as everything else if he fails. People that have been sucked in by the tornado can make no moves, are extremely hard to hit (-40), and are elevated 1d5-1 metres every turn, until the effect ends. Afterwards, gravity takes over.

19–22 Soul Sear: Warp power courses through the Psyker’s body, scorching his very soul. The Psyker cannot use any powers for one hour and gains 5 Corruption Points.

22–25 Locked In: The power cages the Psyker’s mind in an ethereal prison. The Psyker falls to the ground in a catatonic state. Each Round thereafter, he must spend a Full Action to Test Willpower. On a success, his mind is freed and restored to his body.

26-28 Minor Invasion: A single unclean spirit (Dark Heresy Core rulebook, pg. 354) manifests in 2d10 meters of the psyker.

29 Warp Prison: Warp envelops the psyker in a large, dark, but transparent bubble. The bubble is a perfect sphere, has a radius of 1d10 metres, and remains relatively in place (i.e. it will follow a spacecraft that it was manifested in, but the psyker cannot push it by moving). Creatures, dense objects(such as bullets or plasma) and warp energy(both entities and powers) cannot pass through this wall. Light and Laser shots can penetrate it, but reduce their damage by half(round down). This causes Fear(1), and dissipates after 1d10 turns.

30–33 Chronological Incontinence: Time warps around the Psyker. The character winks out of existence and reappears in 1d10 Rounds (or one minute if you’re using Narrative Time).

34–36 Sacrifice to Khorne: For the next 1d5 turns, everyone within 4d10 metres around the psyker (including the psyker) reduces their Toughness bonus by half (round down) for the purposes of damage reduction and increases their Strength bonus by the same amount for the purpose of dealing damage. Affected people feel a little bit stronger, but nothing more.

37–42 Psychic Mirror: The Psyker’s power is turned upon him. Resolve the power’s effects as normal but the power targets the Psyker instead. Should the power be of benefit, it instead deals 1d10+5 Energy Damage to the Psyker and the beneficial effect is cancelled. Armour offers the Psyker no protection against this Damage.

43–45 Taste of Nurgle: Everyone within 3d10 metres from the psyker must make a Toughness test, or contract a random disease (Daemon hunter, pg. 99). For the psyker, the test is difficult (-10). Treat this as the initial Infection test. Everyone that failed the test gain 1 corruption point and feel that something is wrong, but do not usually realise about the disease until symptoms arrive.

46–51 Warp Whispers: The ghostly voices of Daemons fill the air within 4d10 metres of the Psyker. Everyone in the area (including the Psyker) must make a Hard (–20) Willpower Test or gain 1d10 Corruption Points.

52–55 Warp Feedback: The warp focuses and flows through the psyker in unexpected force. The Psyker gains a number of Fatigue points and Corruption Points equal to the amount of dice used for the power roll. In addition, although the power does manifest, this same power cannot be used for 1d5 hours.

56 Unholy Mend: The warp gets into the wounds of everyone alive in 3d10 radius, that do dont immediately pass a hard(-20) WP test. Wounds of the affected start to seal with a strange, greenish fungus - which sprouts throughout the victims skin. For an amount of turns equal to the amount of dice used to manifest the power (at least 1), they in effect gain the regeneration(2) trait. Actually, they must test toughness(+20) to remove 2 points of Wounds damage at the start of every turn. However, every time that the character heals this way, he gets an amount of Corruption points and temporary Fellowship damage equal to the amount healed. Fellowship damage may only be restored by a plastic surgery, which requires a hard(-20) medicae test (treat this as a lengthy First-Aid with no healing effect). This effect is treated as separate from natural Regeneration trait (if a creature has one) and is applied first.

57–59 Vice Versa: The Psyker’s mind is thrown out of his body and into another nearby creature or person. The Psyker and a random being within 50 metres swap minds for 1d10 Rounds. This may include fellow Acolytes, or even enemy combatants. Each creature retains its Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, and Fellowship during the swap, but gain the other Characteristics of the new body. Should either body be slain, the effect immediately ends. Both beings are strangely revolted by the process and are unable to meet each other’s gaze for some time afterwards. Each gains 1d5 Insanity Points for the experience. If there are no creatures within this range, the Psyker must make a Willpower Test or become catatonic for 1d5 Rounds whilst his mind wanders the warp and gains 1d5 Insanity Points.

60-62 Plan of Tzeentch: For 2d10 turns, reality ripples in 1d100 metres around the psyker. Until the effect ends, at the start of every turn every character within this area must pass an ordinary (+10) WP test (free action), or they must skip their turn as they are stretched between time. Characters that fail the test may not use reactions or react to the world in any way until their next turn. Other than bizzare passage of time, affected people feel no other consequences.

63–66 Dark Summoning: A Lesser Daemon (see Chapter XII: Aliens, Heretics & Antagonists) pops into existence within 3d10 metres of the Psyker for 1d10 Rounds or until it is slain. It detests the Psyker and trains its attacks on the fool that summoned it.

67 Flesh Mend: In an area of 3d10 metres around the psyker, everyone must pass a Willpower test, or have their mouth heal over with skin. It must be pierced by a sharp weapon or tool to be used again. This requires a medicae first-aid test; which may be taken without having the skill, but then the target gains 1d5R damage that is not reduced by armor. However, even if pierced, until the wound is successfuly treated with Medicae (treat this as an additional extended care test), the character suffers 1d5 temporary Fellowship damage. Anyone affected also gains 1d5 corruption points.

68–70 Ethereal Storm: All sentient creatures (including the Psyker) within 1d100 metres take 1d10 Energy Damage that ignores Armour.

71-72 Sensation of Slaneesh: Everyone within 1d100 of the psyker must pass a difficult (-10) WP test, or suffer Hallucinogen Effects (see page 137 of the DARK HERESY Rulebook). The effect lasts for 1d5 rounds, plus 1 round per degree of Willpower test failure. Characters that fail the test also gain 1d5 corruption points.

73–75 Blood Rain: A psychic storm erupts, covering an area of 5d10 metres. In addition to whipping winds and raining blood, any Psychic Powers used in the area automatically invoke the Perils of the Warp for 1d5 Rounds.

76 Killer Bees: A huge swarm of bees and hornets squirts from the warp, blackening the sky. For 1d5 rounds, it attacks everyone except warp entities in a 5d10 metres radius, forcing them to run or defend themselves. Firstly, everyone who witness this must test Fear(2). Then, until the effect ends, at the start of each turn affected characters must either pass a Dodge test (using their reaction) or an Agility test (half-action). If they fail they receive 1d10+2 R (tearing, toxic) damage. Apply normal damage reduction. After the duration, the swarm dissipates and vanishes.

77–78 Cataclysmic Blast: The Psyker’s power overloads, arcing out in great bolts of warp energy. Anyone within 2d10 metres of him (including the Psyker) takes 1d10+5 Energy Damage and all of the Psyker’s clothing and gear are destroyed, leaving him naked and smoking on the ground.

79–80 Warp Beacon: Roll twice on the Perils of the Warp table. The psyker does not gain additional CP for the action of invoking perils in this way.

81–83 Mass Possession: Daemons ravage the minds of every living thing within 1d100 metres for 2d10 Rounds. Every character in the area must Test Willpower at the start of their Turn. A failed Test indicates that the character must spend his entire Turn fighting off the attack and counts as helpless. Characters that also fail the Test gain 1d5 Corruption Points.

84 Floor is Lava: In 3d10m area around the psyker, the floor becomes soft as quicksand - whether it is metal or dirt. Any being that firmly stood on this area right before this effect start sinking, feeling supernatural beings pulling them in. They may attempt to flee the area, but they may not run, and any attempt to move inside or leave the floor requires a difficult (-10) agility test (the test becomes ordinary (+10) if they receive help from outside). For every turn that the being spends inside the area, he must pass a hard (-10) WP test, or gain 1 Insanity and 1 Corruption point as he sinks deeper. In addition, if the being does not or can not move for 3 turns (not necessarily in a row), he becomes permanently stuck in the ground as it solidifies, and can no longer move. In this case, the character is trapped until some digging or even amputations (in case of being stuck in metal or rock) are applied. This effect lasts for 1d10 rounds, after which the ground returns to normal.

85-87 The Surly Bonds of Earth: Reality buckles and all gravity within 1d100 metres reverses for 1d10 Rounds. All creatures and unattended objects begin to lift off the ground at a rate of three metres per Round. At the end of this time, reality asserts itself and everything comes crashing down, likely dealing Damage to all those affected.

88 Daemonic Lock-On: a gigantic flock of daemons locks in to the psyker's shadow in the warp, and may not be sated or led away by sheer will. The psyker feels this. Every turn until the psyker invokes perils of the warp again, he takes 1 wounds of damage, and 1 corruption point. If, while suffering this effect, psyker dies from warp causes, instead treat the death as a successful possesion by a Deamonhost.

89 Warp Lunch: The psyker is swallowed by the warp for 1d10 turns. Afterwards, he returns. Roll three separate difficult (-10) WP tests to resist these effects: receive 1d5 CP, lose a limb (roll random), lose a single sensation (sight, touch, hearing, smell, or taste). The limb and sence that were lost smell of malevolent energies, and may not be regained by any means (except prosthetics or bionics).

90-91 Deamonic Summon: A Charnel Deamon (consult Dark Heresy Core rulebook, pg. 350) rises from a tear in the warp. He appears in 3d10m from the psyker, and immediately starts slaugtering everything. He will attempt to pursue the psyker if he flees, but other than that has no preference in targets. Everyone in 1d100 radius receives 1d5 Corruption Points.

92 A Hole in the World: A 2d10 m wide Vortex of Doom springs into existence within 1d10 metres of the psyker. The psyker and anyone else cought at the center of manifestation are entitled to a dodge move to avoid being swallowed - this way they dodge to the edge of the Vortex. It then begins to move randomly (roll 1d10 metres of movement using the scatter diagram for direction), devouring all in its path. The vortex lasts for 1d5 rounds and then vanishes.

93 Sleeping Beauty: The psyker must immediately pass a Hard (-20) Willpower Test or become infected with the Mara Strain (Dark Heresy Core rulebook, pg. 354). Regardless of the test, he also gains 3d10 Corruption Points. The psyker knows that something feels bad, as something clings and drains from him when he touches the warp. At first, the infestation is dormant. It activates the first time when the psyker invokes perils of the warp, after which the psyker has one day to live, unless immediately treated by an experienced exorcist. Every week that the dormant infestation continues, the psyker gains an additional 1d5 insanity points, and must roll a 1d10 as if he was manifesting a power (though no power is actually manifested). If ever perils of the warp are invoked, consult Dark Heresy Core rulebook, pg. 354

94 Warp Tune: A massive psychic tension radiates in response to the psyker. Overcome by numerous psychic screams and shrieks, everyone in 1d100 meters radius take 2d10 energy damage that ignores armour, and gain 1d10 corruption points.

95–99 Daemonhost: The Psyker must immediately pass a Very Hard (–30) Willpower Test or be possessed by a Daemon and become a Daemonhost! Create an Unbound Daemonhost (See Chapter XII: Aliens, Heretics & Antagonists) that will immediately attack. Only the destruction of the Daemonhost will free the Psyker (though he may die anyway if his body is destroyed in the process). If the Psyker does somehow manage to survive this result, he automatically gains 4d10 Corruption Points.
100 Warp Feast: A rift in reality is torn open and the Psyker is sucked into the warp with a little burping noise. He is no more.

Biomancy Perils of the Warp

01-05 Warp Twitch: The psyker’s muscles spasm for a moment, rippling to unnatural extremes before settling back to normal.

06-09 Stolen Breath: A hot, choking breeze billows forth as the air rips its way out of the psyker’s lungs. The psyker must make an Easy (+30) Toughness test; if he fails, he suffers 1 level of fatigue, plus additional 1 fatigue for every three degrees of failure after the first.

10-13 Ceaseless Rhythm: The psyker’s heartbeat is magnified a thousand-fold in his mind, thrumming tirelessly and drowning out all other thought. The psyker cannot use psychic powers for 1 round, and must make a +20 Willpower test or suffer 1 Insanity.

14-18 Ethereal Stench: The air around the psyker fills with a distracting aroma, which might be pleasant or noxious, but is always overwhelming. Each character within 1d10 meters (including the psyker) is Weakened (1)(-10 penalty for all tests) for 1 round.

19-24 Trail of Blight: Plants around the psyker wither and die, writhing as if in agony for a moment before collapsing into rotting piles. All plant life within 2d10 meters immediately perishes. The psyker must make a challenging ( +0) Willpower test or suffer 1d5 Corruption.

25-30 Spectral Rot: Food and drink within the nearby area spoils, and everyone’s stomach sours at the ensuing smell. Each character within 3d10 meters (including the psyker) must make a Difficult (–10) Toughness test or be Weakened (1)(-10 penalty for all tests) for 1 round.

31-38 Ragged Spurs: The psyker’s bones rattle and shake as calcified spurs erupt from them, tearing painfully into his flesh. The psyker suffers 1d10 Willpower Characteristic Damage and 1 level of fatigue. His unarmed attacks inflict an additional 1d5 damage for 2d10 rounds.

39-46 Sanguine Corruption: The psyker disgorges gouts of crimson blood discolored with metallic streaks. It flows down his body and spreads 1d5 meters around him. The psyker must make a Very Hard (–30) Toughness test or suffer 1d5 Corruption as his flesh warps and twitches. Any other character who touches the blood must make a Very Hard (–30) Toughness test or suffer 1d5 Corruption.

47-55 Localized Ageing: As his power runs out of control, one of the psyker’s limbs temporarily becomes wizened and bent, as though aged decades in a single moment. One of the psyker’s limbs (chosen at random) becomes Crippled for 1d10 rounds.

56-58 All is Rust: Vital energy rushes forth from the psyker in great gouts, spilling invisibly around him and accelerating catalytic processes. This decay is impossibly voracious, corroding inorganic objects nearby. Items within 2d10 meters become Damaged.

59-67 Infectious Strength: For the next 1d5 rounds, characters in 3d10 meters of the psyker (including the psyker) deal an additional 1d5 damage with melee attacks. When a character inflicts damage with a melee attack in this area, he suffers 1 Corruption.

68-72 Vile Phlegm: The psyker’s pores begin to exude a viscous mucus that bubbles and twists with tiny, mocking faces even as it sears his flesh. The psyker suffers 1d10 Toughness Characteristic Damage and 1d5 Corruption.

73-78 Choleric Outburst: The psyker enters a sightless rage, coppery sweat pouring from his body and a howl of fury upon his lips. His muscles swell and bulge, and he instantly lashes out with all his unnatural might at those unfortunate enough to be within the range of his distended limbs. The psyker suffers 1d10+5 Strength Characteristic Damage and 1d10 Corruption. Each other character within 1d10 meters must make a Challenging (+0) Evasion test or suffer 2d10 impact damage to a randomly selected location.

79-82 The Flesh Rebels: The psyker suffers the Organ Loss condition for one of his vital organs and suffers Blood Loss.

83-86 Shaper’s Melancholy: Black slime pours from his eyes and mouth as the twisted desire to work dark deeds upon his body overcomes him. He is Stunned for 1d5 rounds, suffers 1d10+5 Willpower Characteristic Damage, and suffers 1d10 Corruption. If this causes him to roll on the Malignancies table, he adds +10 to the result. If questioned, he has no memory of why he performed this act.

87-90 Warp Regression: The psyker’s form is invigorated, and his appearance shifts like wax, as years fall from his face in a matter of moments. However, with this outward boon comes internal rot. The psyker gains a +10 bonus to Fellowship tests for the remainder of the game session. The psyker suffers 1d10+5 Perception Characteristic Damage and 1d10 Corruption.

91-94 Lifedrinker Curse: The psyker makes an Opposed Willpower test against 1d5 of the nearest characters within 100 meters, which the affected characters resist with Toughness. Each affected character who loses the Opposed test suffers one wound to a randomly chosen body part with an energy effect of 2d10. The psyker heals that many wounds that he is currently suffering, but suffers 1d5 Corruption for each one he heals this way. If there are no characters within range, the psyker suffers one wound to a randomly chosen location with an energy effect of 2d10.

95-97 Permanent Mutation: The psyker’s flesh begins to shape itself, recoiling against this will and settling into a new and terrible form. The psyker rolls on the Minor Mutation table, adding +15 to the result, and suffers 1d10 Insanity. The psyker’s Fellowship characteristic is permanently reduced by 1d10.

98 Cursed Appendage: The psyker shrieks in horror as one of his limbs explodes in a splatter of gore. He suffers the Limb Loss condition for a randomly chosen limb and suffers Blood Loss. His Agility characteristic is permanently reduced by 1d10.

99 Biological Collapse: The psyker suffers the Organ Loss condition for 1d5 major organs and he suffers Blood Loss condition and gains 12 levels of Fatigue. Should he survive this gruesome mishap, his Strength and Toughness characteristics are permanently reduced by 1d10.

00 Chaos Spawn: The psyker’s body explodes in a mass of writhing tentacles and dripping ichor. His Corruption becomes 100 and he is replaced with a Chaos spawn that promptly tries to devour his erstwhile comrades.

Pyromancy Perils of the Warp
01-05 Cinderflare: Sparks snap into existence within 2d10 meters around the psyker, setting everyone’s hair on end (and possibly on fire for a brief moment) and leaving sooty ashes on clothes, furniture, and nearby objects.

06-09 Hungering Sparks: Seeds of flame drift from the psyker’s hands, eyes, or mouth, seeking a surface on which to take root. Each character within 1d10 meters of the psyker (including the psyker) must make an Easy (+30) Agility test or catch on Fire.

10-13 Warp Static: The air around the psyker crackles with writhing energy that threatens to combust at any moment. They psyker adds +10 to the result of his rolls on Perils of the Warp tables until the end of the encounter.

14-18 Pyretic Blast: There is an explosion of power and the psyker is thrown 3d10 meters into the air, falling to the ground moments later. The location the psyker was originally in is set on fire in a 1 meter radius.

19-24 Unhallowed Darkness: All sources of light within 2d10 meters of the psyker suddenly vanish. This area is filled with disturbing blackness for 1d5 rounds. Any character who enters this area must make a Fear (2) test. Any character inside this area when the light returns (or who leaves it) must make a Difficult (–10) Agility test or suffer the Blind condition for 1 round.

25-30 Leaping Flames: Fire dances forth from the psyker’s hands, spilling out of control and igniting anything or anyone flammable. Each character within 2d10 meters of the psyker (including the psyker himself) must make a –20 Agility test or ignite and catch on Fire.

31-38 Crackling Energy: A thunderhead of Warp energy rages around the psyker, warning those nearby of the coming storm. The psyker must make a –30 Willpower test. If he succeeds, add +2 to the result of the psyker’s further rolls any Perils of the Warp tables until the end of the encounter. If he fails, add +3 to his rolls on these tables until the end of the encounter instead.

39-46 Chill of the Grave: A deathly chill falls over the area, freezing liquids, turning vapor to frost, and assailing the lungs of all. The area within 3d10 meters of the psyker becomes difficult terrain for 1d10 rounds. Whenever a character takes an action within this area during this time, he suffers 1 level of Fatigue and 1d5 Agility Characteristic damage.

47-55 Foul Soot: Where the psyker treads, a dread pall of ash follows. Until the end of the encounter, whenever a character within 30 meters of the psyker is set on fire, that character suffers 1 Corruption.

56-58 Voracious Tongues of fire: Blazes of hungering fire flare around the psyker. Until the end of the encounter, when a character within 30 meters of the psyker fails an Agility test by three or more degrees of failure, he suffers additional 1 fatigue point.

59-67 Greedy Warpfire: Flames around the psyker begin to burn darkly, blazing with the wicked radiance of the Warp. These fires become even more avaricious than normal, seeing to consume all life as they burn the world to ash. Until the end of the encounter, whenever a character within 30 meters of the psyker suffers energy damage, he suffers additional 1d5 energy damage.

68-72 Warp Smoke: Foul smoke billows forth from the psyker and anything he has set ablaze in that encounter, choking anyone who inhales it. Each character within 30 meters of the psyker suffers 2d10 Agility Characteristic Damage and 1 Corruption.

73-78 Cinderstorm: Burning particles fall from the psyker, leaving a wake of fire wherever he treads as a portent of fiery doom. Add +20 to the result of the psyker’s further rolls on Perils of the Warp tables until the end of the encounter.

79-82 Cackling Balefire: Orbs of ghostly flame burst into existence around the psyker, their mocking mouths dripping fiery trails as they follow him. The psyker suffers a –30 penalty to Stealth tests until the end of the encounter. Add +7 to the result of the psyker’s future rolls Perils of the Warp tables until the end of the encounter

83-86 Daemonic Flames: Daemonic faces form within the psyker’s fire, racing forth to sear the souls of those nearby. Each character within 5d10 meters of the psyker (including the psyker) catch on Fire and suffers 1d5 Corruption. Moreover, this Fire's damage increased by 1d10.

87-90 Cataclysmic Blast: The psyker explodes, a wall of flame rushing out from him and searing all it touches. Each character within 3d10 meters of the psyker (including the psyker himself) suffers 2d10 Energy Damage to a randomly selected location and is knocked Prone. The psyker’s equipment is also destroyed, the scraps of his armor and other items raining down in blazing bits around him.

91-95 Powder Keg: The psyker instantly combusts, his mind straining with all its might to contain the power trapped within. Lightning roils around him as the tempest mounts. The psyker ignites and catch on Fire. Add 1d10 to Fire's damage. Add +30 to the result of the psyker’s further rolls Perils of the Warp tables until the end of the encounter.

95-99 Flames of Change: A grand and terrible Flamer of Tzeentch takes interest in the psyker’s soul, descending from the Warp to seize the mortal’s body for its own purposes. The Flamer attempts to possess the psyker (see the Possession Trait). Use the Flamer of Tzeentch profile provided on the next page, but increase all of its Characteristics by +20 and give it Fear (4). Even if the daemon fails, the psyker still suffers 2d10 Toughness Damage, and will forever add +10 to all rolls on the Psychic Phenomena and Perils of the Warp tables as his body now serves as a conduit to the power of the Warp. If the character dies while possessed, the daemon manifests in the real world for a number of days equal to its Toughness Bonus or until it is destroyed.

00 Annihilation: The psyker is immediately and irrevocably destroyed, burned to nothing by the screaming fires of the immaterium. The psyker may not spend Fate to recover from this death, he is irrevocably destroyed. There is a chance that a daemonic entity of some sort appears in the psyker’s place—the type of daemon that appears is determined by the GM, based on how powerful the psyker was—more powerful psykers draw more powerful daemons. The percentage chance that the daemon appears is equal to the psyker’s Willpower characteristic (roll a d100, if the result is equal to or under the characteristic, the daemon appears).

Telekinesis Perils of the Warp
01-05 Haunting Breeze: A light wind whips within 3d10 meters around the around the psyker, hurling light objects such as leaves and sheets of paper into the air and causing the clothes and hair of everyone around him to billow dramatically.

06-09 The Earth Protests: The ground beneath the psyker’s feet grows quarrelsome, rattling all who have the audacity to stand up on it. Each character within 2d10 meters (including the psyker) must make a +20 Agility test or be Immobilized for 1 round.

10-13 Warp Tempo: Time around the psyker begins fluctuating inconsistently, stagnating in some places and accelerating in others. Each character within 1d10+5 meters (including the psyker) must make a –10 Intelligence test to adjust to the unnatural pace. Each character who succeeds gains a +30 bonus to Evasion tests for the next 1d5 rounds.

14-18 Spatial Lurch: The world seems to stretch for a several seconds as if made of an elastic substance before hurling individuals and unsecured objects into new locations at a dizzying velocity. Each character within 1d10 meters (including the psyker) is hurled 3d10 meters in a randomly chosen horizontal direction (see the Scatter Diagram).

19-24 Falling Upwards: Gravity lapses, and people and objects tumble skyward. Each character within 2d10 meters (including the psyker) is immediately hurled 1d5 meters into the air before crashing back to earth with a crunch.

25-30 Mind Maze: Until the end of the encounter, the psyker’s imagined mindscape spills over into reality, and walls of force solidify in the 2d10 meters around him. The psyker suffers 2 fatigue. Until the end of the encounter, this area counts as difficult terrain (see page 204) and provides 2 APs of cover to anyone within.

31-38 Shearing Thoughts: Invisible blades hack into anyone near the psyker, slicing apart bodies as he looks on in horror (or possibly manic glee). Each other character within 1d10+5 meters of the psyker suffers 1d10 rending damage to a randomly selected location that ignores armor. The psyker suffers 2 Corruption for each character he wounds this way.

39-46 Tech Scorn: With a crackle of static, the psyker’s mental disruption causes all machine-spirits to flee the area. Complex machines within 3d10 meters shut down and become Damaged. Each character with one or more cybernetic replacements or implants suffers 1d10+5 energy damage to the body location that ignores armor. Ranged weapons in the area become Jammed.

47-55 Psychic Mirror: The psyker’s power twists, mercilessly assailing him instead of his intended target. Its effects resolve as normal, but target the psyker himself instead of his original target. If the power is beneficial, it inflicts 1d10+5 energy damage to a randomly chosen location that ignores armor instead of granting its normal effect.

56-58 The Furies: The psyker’s unchecked emotions roil into existence in the form of a clawed hand that grasps a randomly chosen being within 1d10 meters of the psyker (potentially including the psyker) and slams it against the ground. The target suffers 2d10 impact damage to the head location with the Concussive (2) quality. If the psyker is not the target, he suffers 1d10 Corruption.

59-67 Banshee Shriek: The psyker looses an unearthly wail that cracks mirrors, pierces eardrums, and chills the soul. Each other character within 4d10 meters must make a –30 Toughness test or be Deafened for 1d5 rounds and suffer 1d5 fatigue.

68-72 Ethereal Storm: Bolts of mind-force fly from the psyker’s head. Each other character within 2d10+5 suffers 1d10+5 Impact damage to the body location and is knocked Prone. The psyker suffers 1d5 Corruption for each character he wounds this way.

73-78 Forceful Impact: A randomly selected large object in the area (or a chunk of a large object) hurls high into the air; 1d10 rounds later, the object lands 2d10 meters in a randomly selected direction (see page 204) from where it was originally launched, inflicting 2d10+5 Impact damage to a randomly selected location of each character caught beneath it.

79-82 Shadow Killer: The psyker’s shadow wells up, rising off the ground into an orb of darkness that cracks like an egg. An eerily familiar figure slides forth from the oozing umbra, screaming curses upon the psyker for some unidentified misdeed or betrayal. The shadow has the profile of one randomly chosen character within 4d10 meters of the psyker (potentially including the psyker himself) and takes its turn immediately after the psyker, making every effort to kill him. The figure vanishes after 1d10+2 rounds or when slain; if it kills the psyker, it gloats over his corpse for the remainder of its time.

83-86 Chronological Incontinence: Inky hands reach through a seam in reality, grabbing a randomly chosen character (potentially including the psyker) within 4d10 meters and pulling into a prison of time outside of reality for 1d10 rounds. When he returns, he has aged 1d10 years, suffers 1d10 Corruption, and remembers being somewhere that he steadfastly refuses to discuss.

87-90 Mass Reflection: The psyker attempts to stammer out a word of warning as he feels his power rebel. Bolts of energy fly from his mind, striking everyone except the individual he intended to affect. The power’s effects resolve as normal, but affects all targets within 2d10 meters of the psyker (including himself) except for his original target. If the power is beneficial, it deals 1d10+5 Energy damage to a randomly chosen location that ignores armor instead of granting its normal effect.

91-95 Gravity Unbound: The bonds of earth are severed with a jolt, and gravity within 1d100 meters reverses for 1d10 rounds. All creatures and unattended objects lift off the ground at a rate of 5 meters per round. At the end of this time, reality reasserts itself and everything comes crashing down. Characters who fall this way suffer falling damage as normal (see page 204).

95-99 Brain Lightning: A blast of psychic energy rips its way out of the psyker’s skull. The psyker is Stunned for 1d10 rounds and suffers Intelligence Decay (2d10). The nearest character within 30 meters must make a –30 Willpower test or suffer a wound to the head location with an energy effect of 2d10+5. If a character fails this test, the psychic arc continues on to the next character within 30 meters who has not already suffered the attack.

00 Warp Rift: A point of fathomless darkness appears in the psyker’s forehead, rapidly expanding until it opens into a full-fledged portal to the Immaterium. The psyker is Stunned for 1d10 rounds. Until the rift is closed (almost invariably through the psyker’s death), 2d10 Chaos Furies (see page 306) or other appropriate Daemons rip their way into reality via his mental causeway at the beginning of each of his turns and set about wreaking destruction on anyone nearby.

Divination Perils of the Warp
01-05 Dark Foreboding: A faint, chilling breeze whispers past the psyker and those near him, and everyone shudders as they know somewhere else in the galaxy, something too terrible to fully contemplate has just occurred.

06-09 Spinechill: Animals within 2d10 meters of the psyker become spooked for 1d5 rounds. If a character uses a psychic power in the affected during that time, he triggers a psychic phenomenon regardless of his focus power test’s result.

10-13 Inscrutable Omen: The psyker notices a pattern of shadow, a drifting smog cloud, or some other mundane effect in the exact shape of a sign of inevitable doom. If he attempts to point this sign out to anyone else, it vanishes. The psyker is Stunned for 1 round and must make a Ordinary (+10) Willpower test or suffer 1 Insanity.

14-18 Nightmare Sign: The psyker is wracked by a dread vision. He must immediately make a Hard (–20) Perception test; if he succeeds, he receives foreknowledge of an event to come and suffers 1 Insanity, but also gains a +10 bonus on his next test this encounter. If he fails, he is overwhelmed by the horrible vision, and suffers 3 Insanity.

19-24 Swallowed by Darkness: Shadows surge forth and devour the psyker’s vision temporarily, leaving him in sightless for a moment. The psyker is Blinded for 1d5 rounds and suffers 1d5 Insanity.

25-30 Bloody Tears: For 1d10 rounds, trails of dripping crimson weep from statues, stones, and trees within
3d10 meters of where the psyker received this result. If a character uses a psychic power within the affected area during that time, he triggers a psychic phenomenon regardless of the result of his focus power test, adding +5 to the roll on the Perils of the Warp table.

31-38 Distorted Reflection: All mirrors and reflective surfaces within 2d10 meters of the psyker display him as an eldritch terror whenever the he peers into them. The psyker suffers 1 Insanity every time he sees his twisted reflection until the end of the session.

39-46 Weapon Jinx: With an ominous set of clicks, the interior mechanisms of all firearms and explosives are upset by the Warp’s caprices. For the next 1d5 rounds, ranged weapons in 1d10+5 meters of the psyker Jam on any failed Ballistic skill test.

47-55 Ætheric Synesthesia: The psyker’s senses become scrambled; he hears battlefield cacophonies as a splatter of shuddering colors and feels the stench of the Warp crawling under his eyeballs. The psyker suffers 1d10 Perception Characteristic Damage and 1d5 Insanity.

56-58 Obsessive Fear: The psyker perceives countless tiny, daemonic hands tugging at his skin and comes to believe that without a constant repetition of a minor, meaningless ritual, his very soul will be dragged screaming into the Warp. For 2d10 rounds, the psyker must spend a Half Action on each of his turns satisfying this minor compulsion or suffer 2 Insanity at the end of that turn.

59-67 The Tarot Shuffles!: The psyker watches the skeins of fate unweave themselves before winding into a new pattern. For each character within 1d10 meters (including the psyker), the psyker rolls once on the Divinations table. The psyker then chooses which fortune or misfortune applies to each affected character; these immediately replace any previous divinations.

68-69 There Lurks Despair: The psyker spots the portent of his final doom! Choose an inanimate object within 1d100 meters at random; until the end of the encounter, whenever the psyker moves toward the object (or it moves toward him), he suffers 1d5 Insanity.

70-72 Rain of Blood: The heavens tear open and blood pours forth. Until the end of the encounter, blood falls from the skies within 30 meters of where the psyker received this result. If a psyker uses a psychic power within the affected area during that time, he triggers a psychic phenomenon regardless of the result of his focus power test, adding +5 to the result.

73-78 Irrepressible Fear: A dark sign briefly burns its way into being upon the psyker’s brow, and primal instinct clutches at the minds of everyone around him. The psyker gains the Fear (3) trait until the end of the encounter.

79-82 The Gibbering: The psyker’s speech is corrupted and fraught with foul blasphemies. Until the end of the encounter, at the end of each of his turns in which the psyker spoke or used a psychic power, each other character who can hear him suffers 1 Corruption and must make a –30 Willpower test or be Stunned for 1 round.

83-86 Catastrophic Hex: The psyker suddenly realizes that he has made a hideous miscalculation in his divinations, but does not know when or where. For the next 2d10 rounds, all ranged weapons within 1d100 meters of the psyker automatically Jam and become Damaged on any failed Ballistic Skill test. Grenades that jam in this way instantly explode.

87-90 Vicious Loathing: Hatred wells up in the minds of all around the psyker, and each person independently draws the conclusion that the psyker is at fault for all of their current problems. All other characters within 4d10 meters must make a Fear (0) test. Any character who fails this test gains the Frenzy condition and must attempt to bludgeon the psyker to death (or at least into submission) for a number of rounds equal to his degrees of failure on the test.

91-92 Damning Spot: The psyker sees a seething Warp-stain on his arm, a mark of irrefutable damnation, and attempts to part himself from this curse—violently. He must make a Very Hard (–30) Perception test to pinpoint the maddening illusion. If he succeeds, he must choose either to suffer 1d10 Insanity or to hack off the “affected” flesh, suffering 1d10+5 Rending wounds on one of his arms (chosen at random) and three levels of Fatigue. If he fails, suffers both effects.

93-94 Struck Blind: The psyker’s eyes fall upon the visage of a Daemon within the Warp and are blasted from his head, leaving only seared flesh-pits. The psyker suffers the Lost Eye condition for both (or all) of his eyes, 1d5 Corruption, and 1d10 Insanity.

95-99 Horrendous Knowledge: The true name of a Daemon springs fully-formed into the mind of the psyker. The psyker suffers 1d10 Insanity and 1d10 Corruption and must immediately make a –30 Willpower test. If he fails, he becomes Stunned for 1d10 rounds, during which time he ceaselessly chants the name. At the end of each of the psyker’s turns spent this way, each character who heard his infernal chanting suffers 2 Corruption and 2 Insanity.

00 Beyond the Veil of Sanity: The psyker sees into the root of the universe itself, beholding the hideous truth hiding behind sanity-preserving lies such as time and reason. The psyker goes irrevocably mad, and begins to endlessly babble a horrid torrent of words. The psyker’s Insanity becomes 100, and any character who can hear the psyker’s reality-shattering truths must make a Very Hard (–30) Willpower test or suffer 1d10 Insanity at the beginning of each round until the psyker is silenced.

Telepathy Perils of the Warp
01-05 Memory Worm: Everyone within 4d10 meters of the psyker (including the psyker) forgets something trivial, such as the name of a brief acquaintance, the scent of a particular place, or an exact schedule of a transit post.

06-09 Fleeting Shadows: The psyker subconsciously projects flitting shades in the corners of the eyes of all around him. Each other character within 3d10 meters suffers 1d5 Fellowship Characteristic Damage from the constant distraction of these ill-defined shapes.

10-13 Truths Untold: The psyker learns a horrible secret about a randomly chosen character within 50 meters and suffers 1 Insanity. Further, that character becomes aware of the psyker’s intrusion, and knows what the psyker has learned. If there are no other characters within 50 meters, the psyker instead learns a horrible secret about himself and suffers 1d5 Corruption instead.

14-18 Synaptic Overload: The psyker’s mind begins to scour the brains of everyone around him, causing synapses to misfire and burn out. For the next 1d10 rounds, whenever the psyker uses a Telepathy psychic power to communicate with or affect another character, roll 1d10. On a result of 9, that character suffers 1d10 Fellowship Characteristic Damage and 1d5 Insanity.

19-24 Gullibility: The psyker’s power backfires, causing him to become extremely susceptible to suggestion by others. For the next 1d5 hours, the psyker suffers 1d10 Fellowship Characteristic Damage and suffers a –30 penalty to Opposed Interaction tests.

25-30 Psychic Chains: The psyker’s mind becomes bound to all nearby, unable to shut out their emotional suffering. Until the end of the encounter, whenever any other character within 10 meters of the psyker suffers Insanity, the psyker suffers 1 Insanity.

31-38 Lost in Thoughts: Ambient thoughts wash over the psyker, flooding him with unwanted insight. The psyker learns what each person within 1d10 meters is currently thinking and suffers 1 Insanity for each mind he reads this way.

39-46 Chorus of the Dying: The ghosts of the fallen assemble before the psyker, wailing and gnashing their teeth in an escalating dirge. Until the end of the encounter, whenever a character dies within 50 meters of the psyker, the psyker suffers 1d5 Insanity.

47-55 Psychic Cage: The psyker becomes locked in the prison of his mind, taking on the role of both zealous jailor and penitent heretic. He must make a –30 Fellowship test to appeal to his own better nature to escape self-inflicted chastisement. If he fails, he is Stunned for a number of rounds equal to his Corruption bonus and suffers that amount of Insanity.

56-58 Shared Delusion: The psyker falls prey to a mad delusion, behaving erratically. The psyker rolls on the Hallucinogenic Effects Table. Each other character within 2d10 meters must make a –30 Willpower test or also suffer the hallucination.

59-67 Droning Eternity: The psyker’s mind expands, briefly trying to process the untold billions of voices living, breathing, and dying around him. The psyker suffers 1d5 Insanity and 1 level of Fatigue, and cannot remove fatigue, even through resting, for 1d5 days.

68-72 Vice Versa: The psyker and a randomly chosen living being (which cannot be a Daemon, psychic blank, or other “soulless” creature) in line of sight swap bodies for 1d10 rounds. Each one retains his Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, and Fellowship characteristics, but uses the Strength, Toughness, Agility, and other characteristics of the new body. At the end of the effect, each mind returns to its own body. Each character suffers 1d5 Insanity and feels uncomfortable looking the other in the eye for 1d5 days. If either body is slain, the effect ends; the survivor returns to his body, suffering 2d10 Insanity. If there are no living beings in range, the psyker falls Unconscious for 1d10 rounds and suffers 1d5 Corruption as he wanders the Warp

73-77 Out of Sight: Darkness swallows the psyker, pulling him into a shadowy realm for several terrifying moments. The psyker becomes utterly invisible to all creatures within 30 meters for the next 3d10 rounds and suffers 1d5 Insanity.

78-79 Daemonic Assassin: The psyker’s mental intrusion into the Immaterium provokes the wrath of the denizens within, and a Chaos Fury or other appropriate Daemon blazes into existence to smite him. The Daemon acts immediately after the psyker’s turn ends, focusing only on the psyker until either is slain and ignoring all others.

80-82 Memory Leech: Each other character within 4d10 meters of the psyker forgets a crucial fact (such as a pass-code, the name of dear friend, or what he was doing). The lost thoughts flood the psyker’s mind, and he suffers 2 Insanity for each one he acquires.

83-86 Warp Whispers: Daemonic voices intone formless words into the ears of each other character within 3d10 meters. Each of these characters suffers 1d5 Insanity and learns the psyker’s darkest secret, that which he most wishes to conceal.

87-90 Descent into Darkness: The psyker and each character within 1d10+10 meters become trapped within the psyker’s mindscape. They are all Stunned until the effect is broken, but each character (other than the psyker) may make a –30 Fellowship test on his turn to try to threaten, cajole, or otherwise convince the spasming psyker to release them. Each time a character fails this test, he suffers an amount of Insanity equal to his degrees of failure. When a character succeeds on this test or if all other trapped characters fail the test at least once, the effect ends and the trapped minds escape.

91-94 Out of Mind: Each other character within 2d10 meters must make a –30 Willpower test. Any character who fails this test forgets everything he knows about the psyker and suffers 1d10+5 Insanity as the memories rip free from his mind.

95-97 Ego Crisis: For 1d10 rounds, each living creature (including the psyker) within 2d10+5 meters temporarily swaps minds with the nearest living creature in the same way as the “Vice Versa” result (chosen randomly if two or more creatures are equidistant). If a mind cannot find an unoccupied body, that character falls Unconscious for 1d10 rounds and suffers 1d5 Corruption.

98 Identity Erosion: The psyker’s self-image is obliterated away by the Warp’s roiling tides. The psyker suffers 1d10+5 Insanity and loses all memories. His skills and training remain on a subconscious level, and he can still use them—but does not recall why.

99 Dark Summoning: The psyker’s mind extends too far into the Immaterium, and something follows it as it returns to the mortal realm. 1d5 Chaos Furies or other appropriate Daemons rip free of the psyker’s mind. They act immediately once the psyker’s turn ends, each one attacking the closest foe. The psyker suffers 1d10 Corruption and 2d10 Fellowship Characteristic Damage.

00 Daemonhost: The psyker’s Corruption is set to 100 and he is permanently possessed, becoming a Daemonhost. He immediately rolls 3 times on the Malignancies Table with a +15 modifier, gaining The Warp Made Manifest result in addition to any other effects. This possession can either overt, with the new Daemonhost attacking his former comrades, or the Game Master and the possessed psyker’s player can conspire to bring about the utter ruin of the other Acolytes through more subtle means

SOme of them is from supplement (not our). Something like "look not up to the witch"

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