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Who has seen the official Rogue One trailer yet?

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Someone just pulled out of lock up facing multiple felonies and told their 'out' is to storm a space castle guarded by a Sith lord is entitled to a little pout time I think.....


Snake Plisken? I thought he was dead.


Sacrilege! Infidel!!  Snake Plissken lives!..he simply prefers making wine now as opposed to acting....

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People are drawing the strangest lines in this thread.  First "pout" was "you hate women", now it's "you hate her lips".


Pouting is the whole demeanour.  I didn't find her character appealing, but then the setup rubbed me the wrong way from the get go.  A setup is supposed to draw you into the character, but all we got was some deep voice listing all the bad-ass things this person has done, and there's no real reason other than "just 'cause".  Even a character like Riddick had reasons.  The saving grace was Mon Mothma's response, which tells me the writers are aware of how the line comes off and there's hopefully more of a dynamic in the movie.


But you could make a case study on the gulf of quality between this trailer and TFA.


TFA invited you in, asked who *you* were, threw character twists at you for characters you didn't even know anything about, hinted at a home-coming, and contained a vertigo-inducing snippet of everybody's favourite ship making jet trails and kissing sand.  It was emotional all the way.


This trailer told me I had to root for a brat, showed a bunch of stormtroopers marching and exploding, and had a guy in a cape.  Whoopdidoo.  It had all the drama of a Home Depot parts list.

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This is starting to sound like the earlier thread, where I was arguing for parallels between the Imperial Army and the WW2 Wehrmacht... and the Stormtroopers as the WW2 Waffen SS.

At the risk of replying to my own post, I went back and found the original:

Stormtroopers are too iconic not to use whenever you have an excuse, in my opinion. You show anyone who knows anything about Star Wars a stormtrooper and they'll instantly recognize that armor. You show them an Imperial army trooper, they'll most likely cock their head.

Besides which, I never much liked the handwaving and bending over backwards to try and paint stormtroopers as some kind of elite SS Tier One Operators in the books while in the movies they get ganked by Ewoks and nineteen year old farmboys. I can buy the old clones being badass cutting edge supersoldiers, but stormtroopers always struck me as conscripts.

Actually, I like to think of them much the same way as I think of TIE Fighter pilots: 99% of them get smoked on their first mission, but the 1% who don't are the ones you watch out for. Those are the ones who end up with red paint on their wings or black armor.

I know I'm repeating myself a bit here, but... that disconnect between how the Stormtroopers are depicted and their rep really reminds me of their historical antecedents. Most SS troops weren't elites, they were chosen for their appearance and ideology, and then lavished with the best equipment and support. Only a few units of that organization were actually elite, despite the reputation.

I don't see a need for a regular Imperial Army because they're the grunts to the Stormtrooper actual elite, but rather because they're the regular army that stands in contrast to the skull-helmed "New Order Elite" who serve as the pointy end of Palpatine and Tarkin's "rule by fear" doctrine. In this view, most Stormtroopers aren't any more skilled than the average IA troopers, they're just far more deeply indoctrinated and given the very latest gear and the best support in the field. They're the true believers, who will charge down a docking tube into enemy fire without hesitation and die for their Emperor.

"Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" implies a lot more in that light...

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