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Ikspirimentus Zh7

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Ikspirimentus Zh7

1) The Subject Is Strapped into a VITAE Grade Medikae Sanguinus-Pump-Throne.
(As was noted previously, due to a genetic mutation of Sacred Form The Subject Displays Anomalus Grade Agility And Reaction.)
2) The Subject is subjected to a slow injection of Compound Teta 9.
(The Objective of Ikspirimentus Zh7 is to raise the reflexes of The Subject even further and perhaps reach a limit of The Weaker Flesh.)
3) The Subject begins to experience fits of aggression and fury, the level of reflexes is beyond my expectations.
(Could it be that Weaker Flesh had as much potential as the Pure Flesh? **** me to Warp, Machine God, I should get whipped with barbed wire for thinking such herecy-data!)
4) The Subject develops serious bruises, the blood begins to rush into his eyes and nose, soon the bleeding starts via all orifices.
(A sad sight)
5) Commence the Vitae-transfer, Omnissiah bless it’s Machine Spirit.
6) The Agression level reaches its peak, the Subject is convulsing violently.
7) Commence Holy Coagulant and Tranqulitus injection.
8) The Subject stabilizes and regains his consciousness. The Level of Reflexes is supernatural.
9) Ikspirimentus Zh7 Terminus.

Thoughts: Due to lack of Transfer Blood should increase Blood-collectors patrols around the ship. The Boys of this type are insanely rare. And other types have shown to be horribly dangerous for The Subject. Quite a discovery!
I look forward to please Lord Commandore with a combat application of The Subject, during our next raid.

Hail Omnissiah! Explorator Ulissus over and out.



(A sidestory about our Explorator and Astropath passing boring warp-transit time together)

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'Tis happened right after Feast of the Emperor's Ascension. The Holy Day of Drusus hasn't arrived yet, as thousands of lads, boys and infants left their homes and orphanariums to undertake a journey. Some of them were almost newborns, that just turned their sixth cycle. Others were old enough to marry, but they chose sacrifice and glory in the name of the Emperor instead. Chores that they were tasked with - they forgot. They left their axe-rakes they just used to sift through raw ore, and others have put down their wheel-barrows full of waste, and they left their hab-works and guild-shops, where they toiled, and they turned their minds to the enemy, and it's despicable xeno-faith heresy. And they cried in anger and hate. Their parents, and caretakers, and brothers and sisters have pled for them to stay, but their determination was paramount. Under the shadow of the Aquilla and their banners they marched to shuttles... Whole Hive called them insane as they marched forward. Not a single person person dared to stand in their way though. For they feared, that behind this was the man of most dangerous sort. A Rogue Trader.

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