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Some random, new cards!

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I used Strange Eons to create individual cards for my group and I would like to share them. :)


Mind that I took illustrations from the Interwebz to make the cards look cooler. :>


Barrage of Aqshy (Rank 2 Bright Order Spell):



Elvish Aethyric Control (Focus Talent):



Overwatch (Melee Reaction):



Your End is Nigh (Judgment Melee Card):


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And yes, another name would fit better, but at least to my players, "overwatch" is a very common term from other games (i.e. the videogame "XCOM").

Just named it like that so that no further explanation is required. xD

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Overwatch is a term for covering an area with ranged fire though. Which isn't a bad idea either.


Instead of it being a melee attack I would reccomend having it just be an ability to follow. Reaction cards that let you do extra attacks is very powerfull in this game as enemies can't take too many hits. Perhaps make the successes just have the player follow the person attempting to leave, where aditional successes, give Entangled effect, trip him up etc.

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Great Ideas, Thanks for sharing them


I will definitely use those, maybe with few minor changes to suit more me and my game style 


Barrage of Aqshy - make it rank 3, difficulty increases by 1 purple for second attempt, also second attempt require additional 4 power. Add chaos star result - you are subject to your own spell.


Elvish Aethyric Control - to negate chaos star, it requires to suffer 4 stress - ignoring chaos star during spellcraft is very powerfull. Also limit this talent to elven mages (if you use house rules for them)


Overwatch - increase difficulty by 1 Purple, add chaos star effect - you may not use one of your active defences (GM choice) on your next turn. Recharge 5


Your End is Nigh - difficulty for green side - 2 black, for red side - 1 purple. Add chaos star effect - you droping your pistol, 2 chaos stars effect - your pistol is damaged, it cannot fire until repaired

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Sure, you can add some difficulty to these cards if that suits your game style better. ^^


My group is rather "heroic" and therefore, the players are a bit more competent than the usual starting characters, which is also reflected by our custom cards. ;)



Are you able to adjust these cards yourself or do you want me to do it for you?

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