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Conspirators Unite! 04-17-16

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Call of Cthulhu

CONSPIRACY Tournament!



April 17, 2016 

12:00 PM 


Level Up Games

207 13th Ave S,

South St Paul, MN, 55075 




We will be using the CONSPIRACY DECK from the 2015 World Championship Weekend in place of the regular story decks.

Each player will draft 5 for a total of 10 conspiracies.

Conspiracies will be treated as conspiracy & story cards, meaning that cards that interact\benefit from a conspiracy will trigger its effect.


The conspiracies are: Before The Feast, Death Comes For All (both Neutral), The Night Job, A Cunning Ruse (both Syndicate), From The First Degree To The Last, Call The Custodes (both Silver Twilight), Combing The Archives, A Conspiracy Of Scholars (both Miskatonic), The Door That Will Not Close, In The Court Of The Dragon (both Hastur), Raising Of The Great Old Ones, Ancient Plans (both Cthulhu), The Great Work and The Usual Suspects (both Agency).


Format: Standard constructed decks, head-to-head competition, banned and restricted lists apply.


Open tournament to all participants.
Prizes to be awarded: alternative art cards, deck boxes and play mat!
A fun experience and a good chance to meet new players!

Outside food and beverages allowed.
~ Casual LCG card play every Thursday as well. 

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