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5th Tournament, Buenos Aire, Argentina.

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On April 3th 2016, with a total of 24 participants, the 5th X-Wing Tournament at the "LUF Wargames Club" (Buenos Aires, Argentina) was carried out. I leave here some photos of the event! Thank you!



























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It was indeed a great event, we had 25 players, which for our community is quite a lot.

Some guys even brought custom painted ships, and there where very nice prizes, both for the winners(a medium ship for the first play, two small for 2nd place and a small ship for the 3rd) and all participants in general, since with the inscription you got both an ID card AND a ticket to the raffle of 3 small ships and a Millenium Falcon decoration that was held after the tournament. Jordanus even won a prize that way but didnt like what he got and returned it jajaja


One thing I noticed and found curious was the great ammount of corran horns I saw in the tables and there were many in the top ten.


Another thing I say bravo is for the TO to disallow Epic expansions cards. This was done in order to make sure the tournament wasnt turned into a pay to win tournament, because our playerbase has still limited economical resources.


Our next tournament in 6 months time will be AMAZING. This one was a 4 round swiss format anihilation based tournament. The next tournament will be a 4 match swiss format mission based tournament. We have 6 months to playtest. If anybody has had an experience with mission bsed tournaments, would you care to share? So that we can use some balanced tournament missions as a template for our tournament missions

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