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No Regionals for Romania / Distribution Failure

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The TL,DR; version is Romania will have no Regional Kit and as such no Regional tournament. Continue reading for the longer version:




First let me start of with introducing myself as a normal armada player, with a decent sized collection (1 of each).

I live in Bucharest, Romania's capital, where also the bulk of the Armada community is centered (or all of it as far as I know).

I've also participated at all the Armada events here at the "War Games Store", but we did miss out on the very first tournament kit, so no GSD-1 card for me sadly.


The main actors in this story are:


- "War Games Store" our local retailer of all things armada and x-wing

- "Lineart" the single and official distributor for our country or "cutia.ro" as they are often referred to by locals.

- "Fantasy Flight Games", duh!


So back towards the end of February/start of March we've just finished up the store championship, I've won even though I didn't particularly want to show up for the tournament, so now I was hyped for the regional. The store clerk told me not to get to hyped, since their usual distributors both said that "they were out of regional kits", I immediately panicked, you see both me and the store clerk know that "Lineart" is the main distributor for Romania and they are horrible at their job. Looking through "Cutia.ro" line up, they barely sale any FFG products, NO ARMADA, like 4 x-wing products, barely any expansions for popular FFG games and the worst customer or partner support.


So we mail them, and mail them, call on their phones, mail them some more, call, mail etc, no answers. Fast forward 2 weeks, mid-march, we mail FFG, still no answer to this day.


So my question is what do you do in situations like these? I mean I know we are from Eastern-Europe, and that the Active Armada community here has not passed the "Double Digits", but I still want my regional kit. I really don't want to play the blame game, but so far the only friends t've had in all of this were the other members of the local armada community and the "War Games Store" retail guys, the rest have just been treating us like we don't exist or have really, really slow contact departments. This is kinda of my last appeal as a consumer, I've debated for a long time should try to contact FFG, even though I'm not a distributor or retailer, or where and if I should post this "rant", but I figured hey this thread is for sharing "tournament strategies and experiences" might as well share my regionals experience, I wish all of you have better luck then me and that you never have to miss a tournament due to issues out of your control.


Thank you for reading and listening. I am only a consumer and in no way affiliated with any of the companies above.


Sorry for any typos, I'm writing this during my lunch break at work and later tonight I'm going to attend the weekly "Friday Night Armada and X-wing event" at the "war game store" and I'll forget I ever wanted to post this rant.

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Well, you really have to take this with the distributor.


If you talk to FFG they will just politely point you to the distributor...they only do direct tournament support in North America. Everywhere else we're at the mercies of out distributors. 


I live in Norway. Our distributor doesn't even list Armada as a product on their web pages...

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