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WFRP essentials?

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The Core box and then Adventurer's toolkit should be your start point and this contains all you'll need to run a basic game for GM plus up to 3 players. After that you can optionally consider the Ruinous Powers and such expansions like Winds of Magic, Signs of Faith and so on depending on your needs. But at a minimum if you can pick up the core box you're good to go.

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To play? Core box. 


to have lots of extra options?

Winds of Magic for more magic schools

Signs of Faith for more Religions

Omens of War for more Combat options

and my personal favourite:

Lure of Power for a much more robust social system and social character options.



The Guides and Vaults are basically duplicates of everything in the core book, split up, so you don't need these if you get the core set and 4 major expansions.

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Essentials (life is empty without these):

  • Core gives you tools for GM + 3 players. Some extra dice would be helpful, or the dice app.
  • The Adventurer's Toolkit adds new careers, talents and actions, plus many tokens.
  • The magic/religion/combat/social kits also add lots of resources for the major chaos powers (Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne, Slaanesh), plus a bunch of tokens and cards (conditions, critical injuries, mutations, insanity) for each.

With the core+AT you are ready to play with a great selection of careers and actions, but the last four sets give you a wider range of actions/talents/spells and a few more advanced careers.


Very nice to have:

  • Bright/Celestial/Grey Order and Faith of Morr/Shallya/Sigmar PODs add a bunch of spells for variation.
  • From the Grave POD adds the necromancer career and an advanced version, plus spells.
  • Hero's Call adds more resources for rank 4 and 5, with spells and actions for higher ranks, plus some new careers, monsters and a new wound type, and the usual assortment of extra tokens. Pretty decent set that you won't use for a while, therefore not in the essential list. But if you get a good offer you should get it!

The PODs are often found cheap and I personally found them worth having. Everybody doesn't agree. It makes the magical/religious careers as complete as they can be before adding Hero's Call. With all of the above you have a complete set for 4 people, and just need imagination (or boxed scenarios).


Buy if you get a special deal:

  • Game Master's Vault adds copies of basic action, wound, miscast, insanity and condition cards plus 12 more dice. Just a repeat of cards already in the core. Buy if you come across a cheap one.
  • The Game Master's Toolkit comes with a sturdy, but mostly useless GM's screen and a book of tips, plus items and locations you can probably live without. Can't remember anything worth recommending this over any other products for.
  • Player's Vault comes with an extra copy of the careers from the core and 3 sets of basic actions. It's basically just 3 extra sets of basics to allow for more players. Still a better love story than Game Master's Toolkit.

Some of the above help support more than 3 players, but WFRP 3e is somewhat geared towards smaller parties. Not a loss if you never get them.


Here's a link to one place with a few of the above items on sale: https://www.meeplemart.com/fantasy-flight-year-end-sale-4156.aspx?ps=120

Miniature Market has very few things left: http://www.miniaturemarket.com/role-playing-games/warhammer-rpgs/warhammer-fantasy.html

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Core box plus the Adventurer's Toolkit gives you a good platform to start with. When my gaming group started playing we had only these two boxes for a long time and it worked out nicely.


These four boxes add much flavour to the warhammer world, and would be the next step in my opinion:

  • Signs of Faith (Priests, Nurgle and diseases)
  • WInds of Magic (Wizards, Tzeentch and mutations)
  • Omens of War (Fighters, Khorne and permanent wounds)
  • Lure of Power (Social and Slaneesh)

I feel warhammer would not be warhammer if your character cannot die from disease or mutate horribly. But obviously it's also a question about how much you want to spend. If you have no player playing as a Priest you could wait with Signs of Faith. Same goes if none of your players are interested in Wizards, then you could probably skip Winds of Magic and so on.



Boxes that are nice to have:

  • Hero's Call: Great if you want to play a longer campaign as it adds high level careers. But you can probably get this after playing for a long time.
  • Black Fire Pass: A good addition if your player likes dwarves.
  • Dice: A few extra dice packs is great.

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