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Character Artwork Thread

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33 minutes ago, TheShard said:

Well he's spent most of his life off world and in the mid, and inner rim worlds of the Republic in republic uniform. Especially helps to not look overly Drallish if you want to appear indistinguishable...

The Courier spec might work well for this character, if you aren't set on Sleeper Agent? 

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On 3/4/2018 at 2:57 AM, ALFRED1182 said:


Commission by Will Nunes of my peppy, naive young Chadra-Fan Heavy Weapons expert Div Ipburn. Born and raised on a farming colony harassed constantly by enormous predatory beasts, he developed a knack for handling heavy weaponry in order to protect his homestead.

Now a fresh recruit in the Alliance, the young Chadra-Fan has been assigned to Mynock Squad, guided through the big new galaxy out of harms way by his older and wiser squad-mates; putting his skills of protecting his new friends to the test. 


Now he's entered some proper combat in the name of the Alliance here's an updated look for Div Ipburn the Chadra-Fan Heavy/Commando/Mechanic!

After his squad's successful performance in the battle of Xornn he received a promotion to Lieutenant, and acquired himself a set of Rebel Heavy Battle Armor to replace his jumpsuit and dusty old tac-vest. Now looking more the part of a Rebel operative he feels a new rush of confidence in his abilities and career in the Alliance.


Drawn by myself this time, been getting back into art in recent months so SWRPG has been great practice! Enjoy!

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Had a long running game, got the mandatory will Nunes commission to celebrate.



Leru Soorto, Soldier - Medic, The most jovial member of this grim lot. Has been practicing his hand to hand combat and is no slouch in a scuffle. Seen here with Kresh Luck armor.


Tha Bakara, Ace - Gunner, The real combat monster of the group and not bad in the cockpit either. Seen here with his armored flight suit, signature weapon, and all important smug grin. He loves his job.


Hou Gang, Commander - Strategist, Left the Empire not from any moral disgust but from anger over how wasteful they were, wanted to whip the rag tag opposing forces into a real army, kept his old uniform though. The character is overtly a port of a star trek admiral. Player had to drop for a number of reasons, so he was promoted to a very helpful NPC.


Bullba Grizbain, Diplomat Agitator, The eternally angry face of this righteously indignified band of Rebels. Seen here with his signature Lector's outfit. He has a lot to say when it comes to the homeworld of Palpatine.


Clarkson Daggoth, Engineer - Mechanic, has inadvertently become the main character of the story in a number of ways. Here to find his last living family member who joined up years prior to pull them out, this motive has been kept secret from the others (but they know OOC).


OOM-3830, Commander Instructor, a real helpful lad. Here he is in the late stages of the game, as his teammates redecorated his exterior to build team spirit. The whip is a unique item that he can hit his allies with to grant minor buffs. Blaster plundered from a hard fought battle with a deathtrooper.


The same character at the start of the game, much less snazzy, and with a paint job granted by previous owners with poor taste. He's been around the block a few times as a holdover from before the clone wars. Presently "owned" by the party engineer.


Also just gonna put the whole gallery here too.

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I got 2 more characters from Nunes from the same game as before, some PCs retired and others came in

Marts Stram (pseudonym)  Corellian human smuggler charmer/ship captain - A self fashioned leader and a spineless coward in any sort of scuffle.   Commands the Scuttlebug, a Sheathipede class shuttle. The eyepatch is a cybernetic.



Kazimiera 'Kazia' Wiater (Pronounced "Kaj-ah Viat-er", it's polish or something according to the player) Pantoran Consular Aribiter - She is an overly enthusiastic and free spirited individual. Enjoys flaunting athletic prowess and skill with a lightsaber. Relentlessly cheerful in the face of mortal peril.


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Say, does anyone happen to have any good images for male twileks?

In particular ones that look like the would fit the description "commando" or "special forces".


Thank you in advance!

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Had some different campaigns and different characters lately, so I have plenty to share! Gonna have to spoiler them to not blow up this page. (Edit: Messed up the Spoilers, sorry 😧 )


This is Stitches, a Neimoidian Engineer (Scientist/Doctor). He's an ex-Separatist, and has a penchant for injecting allies without their consent and he tends to lose his pants in-between sessions or during any amount of time skip. He steals pants from other sentients the groups knocks out or kills, and is something of a surprising badass with his scattergun. He single-handedly prompted a raid on an intergalactic pants convention, at which another member of the party won the rights to create a custom pair of designer pants. Another character also stole a kilt while we were there.



This is Affiri, a Cathar Bounty Hunter (Assassin/Gunslinger). She is the action hero of the group, and notoriously reckless but generally in an AWESOME way. She takes her cues from action and martial arts holos, making most every action she takes a flashy one. A dual-wielding, ledge-jumping, rappel-swinging machine, she is also the one previously mentioned who won the right to make designer pants at the pants convention. The DM worked out actual stats for the pants she created too, dubbed "Affiri's Action Pants". I'll post the stats below her for giggles.



This is Kin'dellis, a Chiss Bounty Hunter (Gadgeteer). A bit of an airhead, she decided to go out and become a bounty hunter to pay off her student loans.



This is Cazia Osren, a Twilek Smuggler(Charmer/Performer). Easily the heart of the crew despite technically still being a passenger, she has a secret identity that roughly half the party has figured out. Has a tendency to be the most innocent of the group by far, which rarely ever works out for her in a group of smugglers and mercenaries, but she is slowly softening their hearts. Has been voted the best cook of the group.


This is Kixo Brarve, a Kyuzo Hired Gun(Demolitionist). Was hired on as an engineer for the crew but has proven to be as effective as the other combat-heavy members of the party with his literal duffel bag of grenades and explosives. Is one of three members of the crew who actively enjoys combat, and has a minor obsession with technology in general. Has started rebuilding an old B1-Battle Droid to act as an astromech, something the crew can only expect hilarious results from.



This is Artya, a Nautolan Spy (Courier/Assassin). Her right arm was dismembered by a lightsaber in a courier run gone wrong on Taris, and she has had to grow into her new prosthetic arm ever since. A great case for why cybernetics are awesome, she has slowly gained a good amount of skill in mechanics to modify her arm in ways that aid her. Wears a gas mask converted from a Sith Trooper's helmet. Is absolutely deadly with a vibroknife, and almost untouchable so long as she has room to dodge and slip away.



This is Ashkoby, a Zeltron Smuggler (Gambler/Charmer). Easily the talker in his group of three, he won pretty much everything he owns either through his charming demeanor or his incredible luck. Won his Bowcaster off a Wookiee and has used it as his primary weapon ever since.



This is an updated Fusilado, for those that are familiar with my earlier posts. He has gotten quite a few upgrades, including a new paint job.



This is Umehk, an Arkanian Offshoot Bounty Hunter. He is actually an NPC assigned to hunt one of the PCs, wielding a modified Vibrorapier and his bracer blasters to great effect. He's actually a variant of the normal Human Arkanian Offshoot, created by a mad scientist using more human genetics than Arkanian.



This is Kana, a Human Spy (Slicer). She is a bit of an airhead, but is nearly unassailable in her slicing and mechanics work. She has the accent of a California Valley Girl, and is consistently trying to convince Stitches (see 1st spoiler at the top of this post) to not be so weird.




This is Rory, a Human Ace (Hotshot). He has a terrible habit for getting his speeder van blown up whenever he leaves it for more than five minutes, and has a strong desire to take every single race he's challenged to.



This is Raigon, a Human Jedi (Jedi Knight/Shien Expert). He is a surviving Jedi Knight of Order 66, and managed to go all of one week with his new crew before he revealed that secret to them. He's great at defense with his lightsaber, decent with offense, but rarely ever uses it in fear of what it will bring to the fledgling force sensitives in the crew.



This is Ki Pi, a Zeltron Mercenary. She's another NPC that has started tagging along with her group, and has proven to be more capable than some of the PCs in many instances. This is her 'disguised' form, utilizing the most classic of disguises to gain entry to a nightclub. Spoiler alert, it failed.



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2 hours ago, EliasWindrider said:

I've been googling for a Male human jedi with a white lightsaber and not coming up with much,maybe someone could help.

Would you like one made ?

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11 hours ago, Rimsen said:

Look for Corran Horn




These are reasonably  close to what I was looking for (the brilliant white saber in the second is perfect), but with darkish brown hair hair that's a little longer than shoulder length and tied back in a loose pony tail, clothes that are brownish grey instead of green, and a cloak with hood, hood down though

19 hours ago, Ni Fang said:

Would you like one made ?

If you would like to, I would appreciate it, but I could actually make do with one of the above if I had to

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Corran Horn is a possiblity but therte arent any good or high quality shots of him that I am aware of... hmmmm. If you had a shot of maybe yourself with a pro saber for example I could infact tough it up for you IE add the white blade and such if you'd like

Its all up to you

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