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Character Artwork Thread

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Speaking of Tempest Feud... I made a thing for my character, a high-Presence, low word count Rebel sergeant (Commander Tactician) in the presence of his squad before assignment to the mission he met the rest of the PCs on. I also did some work on a few characters from the campaign I GM.


I'm not so excellent at the drawing or "creating" aspects, so I do a lot of heavy photo manipulation with a bit of painting and random artistic techniques (like creating snow) to get the desired effect. It's no where near good enough to count as real character art, and it theoretically incorporates art from other sources that I couldn't even begin to cite at this point since I just use a lot of Google-fu to get what I need. It's been all personal use stuff, so it works out, but...


Theris Nan'Tay, Rebel Sergeant




Zorc'orosho'rloqhe, exiled Chiss scholar and Sage




"Toor" (a special easter egg for my players of the Force and Destiny box set that also played the Age of Rebellion box and really convinced that droid to put his lot in with the Rebels - I gave him a side plot in the FaD box!)




Those are the only ones that I feel I've done extensive enough editing and/or painting to that they qualify as "my art". I have two more, at least - one for my Inquisitor and one for the group's young Shadow - but, although I spent a lot of time with them, they were really just background swaps and some extensive color changes or lighting changes, nothing that justifies my posting it here unless someone really wants to see them.

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Even with all the skin, my first thought was, "Dark Sun fan?  Nice."


Yeah, 2nd edition D&D was my favourite.  So many great campaign worlds like Dark Sun and Planescape.


Both actually had an impact on our vision of Star Wars, actually - really good visions of what science-fantasy should be like.

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Are they related?

The two on the sides, Lazlo and Tanka, are siblings from the Anjiliac Kajidic(clan) and bitter enemies. The one in the middle is Zorgo Vosadii, kind of a love interest to both of them.

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Well I best put up mine then. These are the character portraits from my Star Wars Role Playing Game Campaign entitled Tales of the Solay Express. Drawings courtesy of Bralt Hannicart. Check out his portfolio at http://bralt.be/Gallery03.html. Bralt is happy to do commission work. Tell him I sent you.


From my  game we have:


Kylar: Gank Heavy/Cyber Tech





Hal Novar: Human (Correllian) Driver/Force Sensitive Emergent




Darius (Ald'arius'vhen): Chiss Assassin/Doctor
Slyssk: Trandoshan Entrepreneur 
Kendall Hanlon: Human Gambler/Gunslinger



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Our very first in-game PC wedding - and it's a cross-species, cross-faction one.

This pair are so sweet. The players even wrote the character's wedding vows and everything.  

Our game can get very dark and grindhouse, so I've come to enjoy the sappy moments and the Lawful-Good characters like these.

The bride is a human diplomat, and the groom is a Mirialan Guardian (and now I want her shoes :( )



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