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Rainbow Dash and Keyan?

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Hey Guys,

New list for you, comments appreciated.


Keyan Farlander — B-Wing 29

Stay On Target 2

Fire-Control System 2

Heavy Laser Cannon 7

Hera Syndulla 1

B-Wing/E2 1

Ship Total: 42 

Dash Rendar — YT-2400 36

Push the Limit 3

Heavy Laser Cannon 7

Kanan Jarrus 3

Engine Upgrade 4

Outrider 5

Ship Total: 58 

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I like the mobility of Keyan, but he will probably drop too quickly tbh.. 
I think that 'mobile keyan' is more viable in a 3 ship list, where your opponent is less sure who to focus. In that scenario I would also probably run him without HLC. 

You could consider dropping the EPT + hera for C3P0. 
Focus every round you aren't stressed to get the ''guess 0, get a focus, get an evade from C3P0 and spend focus for a second evade'' to give you some more defensive options..

But even with more defensive means on him, you have to fly him very carefully.. Don't be afraid to bump people! 

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B-wings are still decent. There is just a lot of counters for them now. TLTs basically always hit, Plasma Torps can remove all your shields in one shot, etc.


You can still run them, they just can't be a center piece of a list.

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What about?


Keyan Farlander (29)

Rage (1)

Hera Syndulla (1)

B-Wing/E2 (1)

Ship Total: 32


LT. Blount Z-95 (17)

Adv. Homing Missile (3)

Adaptability (0) or find 1 point for Deadeye


With Kanan onbord Dash you can take of EU because all the dial is open to him and then you got 4 more points and maybe put a Y-wing with TLT ind there.


Green Squadron Pilot A-wing (19)

Title (0)

Push the limith (3)

Juke (2)

AT (2)

Chardaan Refit(-2)

Ship total: 24 points



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I'd agree with dropping EU from Dash as he has superb mobility already with Kanan. I've tried that exact Dash/Kanan build alongside a Lothal Rebel VCX-100, and found that with everything but a k turn shedding stress I was using TL or focus over boost most of the time.

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Agreed Boba is a threat. But you have to take a crit first, which if you're flying Dash right shouldn't happen until late game unless you're extremely unlucky or you've probably already lost anyway. To be honest if Dash is taking crits he ain't going to last much longer, so losing his cannon is no biggie IMO.

If you're really worried just focus down the Boba-bus first!

Anyways as for Dash-Keyan, here's my take:

YT-2400: · Dash Rendar (36)

Push The Limit (3)

"Mangler" Cannon (4)

· Kanan Jarrus (3)

· Outrider (5)

B-Wing: · Keyan Farlander (29)

Adaptability (Increase) (0)

Fire Control System (2)

B-Wing/E2 (1)

· Hera Syndulla (1)

A-Wing: Prototype Pilot (17)

Chardaan Refit (-2)

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