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Talisman Fiction

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Thanks for posting the links Douglas.

I wonder if Fantasy Flight would ever publish a Talisman novel or a collection of Talisman short stories? My vote would be for a graphic novel because it would be cool to represent the card art in a comic book form.

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In the theme of the topic, I wanted to post a quick Talisman story of my own:



            Adventurers about the land took it upon themselves to seek out the enchanted talismans in order to gain access to the Crown of Command and become ruler of the land. Those setting out were the Gypsy, the Druid, the Minstrel and the Ghoul. Many foul beasts were slain and helpful allies joined in their quests.

            After many days and weeks of traveling the land, the Gypsy came face to face with the terrible beast, Cerberus. Not feeling up to the fight, the Gypsy appeared to have been defeated by the dreaded beast (Read: the Gypsy player rolled a ‘1’ for their attack roll, which would result in them losing the fight), but she called upon the fates and with help from her enchanted charm was given a new opportunity to face the beast with luck on her side (Read: the Gypsy player spent a Fate token  allowing them to re-roll their attack roll and the Orb of Destiny card lets the player roll two dice and pick one for their result).

            Alas, the fates were cruel and the Gypsy and her lucky charm were dashed down before the legendary creature (Read: the gypsy player rolled two ‘1’s which still lost the fight and also resulted in the Orb of Destiny card being discarded).

            As if the injustice of the ill luck was not enough disgrace, the Minstrel took it upon themselves to mock the Gypsy. Known for their dislike of being mocked, the Gypsy inflicted the Minstrel with the terrible curse of Random. Seeking to protect themselves from the Gypsy’s anger, the Minstrel used their own power of magic to dispel the curse (Read: the Minstrel player played a Counterspell card).

            In his infinite wisdom, the Druid determined that the Minstrel had already been declared master of the talisman for too many times that a balance needed to be set (Read: the Minstrel player had the highest percentage of Talisman games won). Therefore the Druid called upon his arcane forces to smite the magic of the Minstrel (Read: the Druid player played his own Counterspell card to stop the Minstrel’s spell) and the Minstrel had to suffer their fate.

The Gypsy’s foul luck appeared to spread to the Minstrel who fell foul to the worst aspect of the curse (Read: the Minstrel player also rolled a ‘1’ which resulted in their character becoming a toad for three turns. The Minstrel player was out of fate counters and was unable to re-roll the die). Such an unfortunate event allowed the Ghoul to sweep in and claim the Minstrel’s belongings and followers for themselves. The Ghoul then proceeded to the Crown of Command and became ruler of the land.

            Fear not if you find yourself in a gaming session and you seem to be plagued by bad dice rolls; you are not alone.

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