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A great independent review

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Yer great review. I especially like the references to V1 being ahead of its time, and the same principle being applied to V3.

I can remember my first game with warhammer rpg V1, when i luckily (??) rolled the troll slayer as my first pc, and my pc was  immediately different not just some stock "fighter". The other players all had equally unique and interesting pcs.

The adventure started just like so many we had played before, on our way to an "inn" (here we go again) with some hand out about a expedition into some mountains (dungeon crawl here we come), then a coach nearly run us into the road, and the coachmen had guns! When we got to the inn there was some camp gambler speaking in a strange accent who tried to cheat us out of some money playing cards, and people had skills to actually help with gambling (and cheating). It wasn't just a roll against a stat. It certainly beat the standard, you meet in an inn type stuff we had experienced up until then (even though we had just met in an Inn), the npcs seemed to fit into the setting so naturally and really brought it to life. This wasn't just down to the GM either, as the same GM had refereed other games previously; this one just seemed to feel special, for some reason.

we got on the coach the next day, heading towards some city and then we get attacked by all these wierd mutants who had recently ambushed another coach. A fight at last where my troll slayer can perform... when i started to cleave my enemies limb from limb. and heads rolled, well, lets just say the game became even more enjoyable. When we found a dead body from the previous coach and one of the party turned it over... well lets just say I was hooked!


If my first experience with V3 is half as good as it was with V1, then I will be a very happy bunny.


This review has also made me realise something that is now blindingly obvious, yet hadn't really crossed my mind before.

Its highly likely that FFG will produce card expansions for WFRP V3 in the same way that they did for Runebound; simple decks of extra cards (and hence options) to add to your game, a relatively cheap way of getting more crunch straight into the system, as well as larger fluff heavy expansions that include both books and cards.

I really am quite excited about the future of this game.

I'm about to start playing in a DH game and I feel sorry for my GM already as I know I'm going to feel it is a bit stale and old compared to how I am feeling about WFRP V3... (sorry Mr GM!)









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"WHFRP 3rd edition has me dusting off my GM hat and plotting my PC’s demise"


I love it because lets face it, what else is WHFRP other than a long drawn out death of a few PCs? Very detailed review, thanks.

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