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noob question regarding attacking with a roll of "10"

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hi i am pretty new at this game... I was trying to play a game and I came across this: I was jiang pao (attack 5, damage 2) and I rolled a 10 to attack, my opponent was kronen (defense 8 armor 5) and rolled a 4 for dodge. so my attack was 15 and his defense was 12, so because I rolled a 10 is my level of success 15, or is it still 3? if it is 3 then when can rolling a 10 when attacking be the most beneficial?

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A "10" is a critical.  When you roll a Critical you automatically hit, no matter what your opponent rolls evn if they roll a 10 on thier defence.

When you roll a 10 it doesn't really increase your score to equal your opponent defence, but it can be looked at like that.  Further more a 10 alway cause 1 point of damage.  To use your example the math is as follows.

Jiang Attacks (Base 5 plus the 10) with a result of 15

Kronnen dodges (Base 8 plus 4) with a result of 12.

15 minus 12 is an outcome of 3

You then add that outcome to Jiang's base damage which gives a final damage of 5 (Outcome 3 plus base 2)

This isn't enough to get through Kronnen's armour but because the Atack roll was a 10 it will cause 1 point of damage minimum as it has found a weak spot in Kronnen's defence.

For Jiang Pao rolling a 10 is almost neccessary for him to damage Kronnen when on the defensive, but just like any character if Jiang could attack when his opponent is defensless and unable to dodge the result would have been more damage.  Criticals are always good as they will always deliver some damage and this is especially so if Kronnen is using scarlet heartbeat for if he rolls a 9 on his defence but Jiang had a 10, even if the defence was higher the critical sneaks through damaging Kronnen and preventing his retaliatory strike.

- Raith

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