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Aldershot - November Events Update!!

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 New details after the mess up withe pre-release:

 The Games Shop Store Championship:

Where: The Games Shop, Wellington Street, Aldershot

When: Sunday 22nd November

Starts: 11:00 am

Entry: £3.00

Format: Constructed

Prizes: Promo goodness


This is a straight forward Block Constructed Swiss Tournament. Build a deck using the current banned list, come down and try and walk away as shop champion!! There are some funky prizes and promos up for grabs, and bragging rights of course


Soul Caliber IV: Quest for Souls Pre-Release


Where: The Games Shop, Wellington Street, Aldershot.

When: Sunday 29th November.

Starts: 13:00 or 1 pm in olde money.

Entry: £20.00

Format: Sealed

OK, we may have done the odd one of these before, but just for the sake of completion this is how it works. You guys turn up, I give you SIX SCIV Boosters, Two Warrior's Dream and One Shadowar boosters and you create a deck of awesomeness from it. We then have a totally awesome tournament, with much fun and at the end I give you all prizes, hurrah!!

 I'm really sorry about the short notice, any hassles please let me know.

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Sorry Steve, haven't been able to get internet connection recently, so I only found out about the messup yesterday and now I can't come tomorrow. I'll make an effort to come to the pre-release though.

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