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Resources managment in Warhammer 3rd edition?

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Would anyone be so kind and explain here about the resources managment in WHFR 3rd edition? Specificly to what degree this managment occures. Is it only on standard level where we are concerned about the number of spell a wizard can cast, coins and supplies spending or is more like this ugly D&D 4E idea where everyone has those indecribable limited usage of powers and skills. My copy of the core set is on its way and I am worried if every one of my players will have one of those "those issues" again. If you be so kind and know the anwser to my question please reply.

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Well, it's hard to say. Some people don't like messing with bits, and other are fine with it.

You can see some pics of tables in some of the demo threads, for an idea.
Basically, as a player, they will need tokens for 4 things:
1) recharge on actions and talents
2) Stress / Fatigue
3) Stance

4) fortune points

Recharge and Stress/Fatigue are the bigger ones. Recharge will require some maangement, depending on how many cards with recharge they have and how often they use the ones with recharge. There are useful action cards with a 0 recharge, for example. We didn't find it very difficult. Place X on the card when you use it, and remove one at the end of your turn.
Stress and Fatigue can fluxuate up and down, but only by one or two. Usually there aren't more than 2 or 3 token on either at a time (you hope, anyway).
Stance uses a single token, that slides left and right. You will need to flip over your non-recharging action cards should you change from Reckless to Conservation (or vice versa). Not really a big deal to flip over cards, though.
Players will also need to keep track of their Wound and Critical Wound cards, whether it is fanning them out or laying them out individually.

A player will never have more than 3 fortune points at any one time, and after spending some will often have fewer (or perhaps even 0, should he use them all and not get a refresh yet).

Not having played D&D 4e, I can't give you a comparison, sorry. Recharge does two main things: Limits the frequency certain actions can be used (or spells cast), and also function to keep track of durations. (for example, casting a darkness spell places X tokens on the card, then removing 1 per turn. When the last token is removed, the darkness spell ends). Some actions have a recharge of 0, and I think the longest recharge I can recall off-hand is 5.

I hope this helps a litt.e

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