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Taming Animals

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Richard why do you think only 1 animal can be bonded at a time? 


After reading the Animal Bond now, it reads "... a single animal with which he is currently interacting." and nothing else.

This seems to suggest you could bond with more than one, activating only one of those via maneuver. But this would need to be addressed via role play so as not make it OP like with Squad Rules etc.

Same as maybe having a droid menagerie but now the animals become too unruly when there are too much of them and the obvious hassle to flying from place to place with such a zoo.


I am also basing this on the wording of the Menace talent in savage spirits saying "... any suitably threatening creature linked through the animal bond talent". This and the wording on the animal companions rules suggests to me the possibility of more than one bonded animal otherwise they could have simply said "the bonded animal" or other statements referring to a singular companion. 

They probably left it open for group interpretation and different table uses.

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Well I had never considered that. The wording of the full talent description always refers to a "single animal" or "the animal", but never specifies that only one can be bonded at a time. 


Im going to assume that 1 at a time is RAI, but i think more than one is possible if the GM allows it. It could be that its left slightly ambiguous to allow groups of minions to be bonded, which is where i personally would draw the line. I think its very thematic to have a "Pack" bonded to the character, but given the size limits on bonded animals i find it hard to accept a PC could bond 2 creatures at the maximum size.


Pets often have a pecking order too, something that could complicate things for the PC drastically and allow GM's to balance things Narratively. 

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