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Jonny WS

Guardian Axe

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Before I say anything else, I must apologize for all my seemingly "noobish" questions that I post.   I bought second edition when it was released and tried to play it a few times but actually did not enjoy it very much...mainly because my group and I were still playing first edition campaigns and were engraved on that rule set.  
However, a few years went by with no first edition games and things were forgotten.   I only, just recently dusted off the second edition and asked my friends if they were willing to give it another try.   We are still trying it out but so far we are enjoying it.  Playing the Shadow Rune campaign for the first time.  
I have since bought all available expansions and from time to time we encounter a rules issue where things are not as clear or well written which causes questions and debate.   


So, in a recent session the heroes found the Guardian Axe and I was wondering how interactions worked with other weapons. 

Now, I realize that this is a two-handed weapon and you could not have anything else equiped but what happens in the event where the hero wielding the axe finds the Fire Flask? 

Guardian Axe:

When you defeat a monster, you may unequip this weapon to gain 2 *shields* to your defense results until the start of your next turn.



Fire Flask:

*action*: Flip this card over to make a RANGED attack with this item.


Can the hero use the flask (making an attack and defeating a monster) then unequip the axe to gain 2 defense until his next turn without using the axe to defeat a monster?  

As written, there is nothing against this play but I just want to know how others handle this situation.  

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As written, it seems to work. I really feel like the intention was "when you defeat a monster WITH THIS WEAPON..." but it isn't printed.


Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking.    I may email FFG and ask if that was their intention with this specific weapon. 


Well, I tried to email but it wont let me.  


Zaltyre, could you email them on my behalf?  I would greatly appreciate it.  It would appear that you have good communication with FFG.   :)

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