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Battles of Westeros... or not?

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So, not sure where to post it, let it be here for a start :)

We own BL already, so I wonder, will there be any sense to pick BoW as well?



-it is now on a really brutal sale at our FLGS (http://www.meeplemart.com/store/p/56371-Battles-of-Westeros-SALE.aspx, keep in mind those are CDNs, not real bucks)

-we like the BL system quite a bit

-we do like GoT universe (can't wait for the show, but haven't read any books)



-it looks like it plays slower than BL - BL playtime feels optimal for us

-yet another game with minis - BL is already on the wait list to be painted after Descent

-we might want to explore some new mechanics


What do you think? Should we pick BoW while it lasts? Or maybe just a few armypacks for BL would be a better bang for a buck? Or some other Terrinoth game (were thinking about Runebound)

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Battles of Westeros is a lot more complex and deep than BattleLore, with all the pros and cons that come with this. This means longer setup, continuous crossreferencing of the rules during gameplay and terrific results in terms of fun if you like heavier games. I own both, and have fun with both. Had I been forced to drop one, I'd keep Battles of Westeros

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