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Friendly units

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Are Neutral units that are part of your army (e.g., Demons you have enlisted through influence) considered "Friendly" units when resolving card effects?


For example, could a Warlock Chieftain place a Demon on top of the Uthok Y'llan player's deck at the end of the combat phase?


Would a Dark Knight get a +1 strength bonus if a Demon fought on its side in a battle?


On the one hand, the word "neutral" suggests that they might not be considered "friendly," as they are not part of the given faction. On the other hand, if neutral allies are fighting alongside a faction... then should they not be considered "friendly" to that faction?


I could not find a definitive answer to this in the rules or in the FAQ. 


Have I overlooked something?


Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I haven't went through the rulebook for almost two years now, but if I remember correctly Rune Age does not have glossary or special keywords beyond "when played", "resolution" and such.


The "friendly" units phrase might have been taken from Rune Wars, where there was unit affiliation and neutral units were considered "friendly" if you managed to convince them to fight for your cause.


My reading is that since there is no distinction there should be no complex rules to bother you - read the card as simple as possible, i.e. friendly means anything that is not enemy.


PS: Just made a search in the rulebooks - the definition is in the Oath and Anvil rulebook. I will quote here:


"During combat, the participating units in a player’s play area are his friendly units. The participating units in his opponent’s play area are opposing units."

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Ah, thanks Valdemart! Didn't realize the definition was in Oath and Anvil (should have been in the core set, IMO), which I have not yet opened... but I'm glad that "friendly units" us officially defined in a manner that does not invalidate my previous wins! :-)

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