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NEW sorta need help

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I played v1 back a long time ago via SKYPE with some cool guys across the states and Canada. Had an awesome GM who literally got me back into playing TTRPG games. When the first adventure ended he was ready to start another but disappeared- literally. I haven't seen him reappear on skype for 5+ years, maybe more. We would Come online and wait the same old times and than we left the group as no one was willing to GM.

Now fast forward to here and now. I play with some cool guys from Florida and Colorado. I'm from Northern Virginia. We play FFG EOTE with all the supplements and cores. Me and another talked about running a DH game. So I knew some of the old rules and picked up a core 2.0 and a game master Kit- should arrive in a couple days.

So what should I expect? New rules? New style of character creation? What's the low down? Thoughts for someone coming back into it?

I want to make a small one shot that could carry on to more stories- i want to create a sorta prologue for them while incorporating the genre for them so they can learn as they go the setting that is WH40k...and how dangerous the galaxy is. So if there are player made modules that are really basic and fun that allow the story to show what the genre is about would be fantastic!


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There has been a bit of minor fine-tuning to the rules, but the biggest change has been to character creation. Instead of narrowly-defined Careers, characters can buy any Skill/Talent, with the cost determined by Aptitudes (based on background and profession). This makes character creation more flexible, but not completely free-form.


The next biggest change (i.m.o.) is the elimination of hard currency; the Influence system that replaced it isn't perfect, but I absolutely hated the way DH1 encouraged agents of the freakin' Inquisition to hoard coins like they are D&D-style treasure hunters...


EDIT: Also, the selection of Skills has been condensed; so, for example, the old skills Hide, Shadowing, and Silent Move are now grouped together as Stealth.

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