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Too many Ships, not enough substance?

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Ok, here's a newbie build. 


Victory I

    Admiral Motti

    Expanded Hanger Bay


Gladiator I x2


Raider I x3



TIE Interceptors x2

TIE Advance



   Most Wanted

   Hyperspace Assault

   Dangerous Territory


Total: 396 points.


Nothing fancy, 6 ships, 4 squadrons. 


I only played 1 actual game, with 1 each ISD, VSD, Glad & Raider, with Vader (TIE Advance) & 9 TIE Fighters, and watched the squadrons get decimated by the 4 squadons above, and manage to fly the two SDs off the board.


And let the critiques/actual helpful posts begin. 


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Howlrunner is only boosting 2 of your fightrers so is a little pricy for 2 extra blue dice a turn. With 3 VSDs you aren't short of squadron activations so can ditch the expanded hangar. Flight controllers may be a better kick rather than Howlrunner but I'm going to suggest more fighters later on so probably keep her.


3 VSDs are good and can cover each other's flanks if you deploy them in a line or echelon formation. 3 raiders are ok but 6 ships seems a little to many and I'm going to suggest dropping one to free up points. If so you could:


  1. Upgrade another raider a Demolisher with APT/ACM, engine techs and maybe a veteran captain. It is a really nasty ship especially if you have an activation advantage and first turn (i.e. a good initiative bid). Keep Demolisher until last then scream in and double arc a juicy target ship and fire your flank 4 black dice. Next turn activate it first and double shot the same target then flee away with engine techs getting you extra speed either on the way in and/or the way out.
  2. Buy some more fighters such as 4 Tie-F or 2 more Tie-I and flight controllers.
  3. Add Rhymer and 3 Tie-B can be a nice anti-shipping firepower boost. Putting one set of flight controllers on the VSD with Expanded hangar can boost your fighter screen to keep the bombers unmolested or if you are swamped by lots of enemy squadrons then adding a blue dice to each tie bomber can make them half decent in a massed dogfight.

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With ship spams you want to do the bare minimum you need to make them all threatening. For me thats adding sw7's to my cr90b's.

Fire lanes and intel sweep tend to stretch the battle nice and wide which is good.

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