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Sorry last post was TLDR...don't even click. Cliff Notes: the release is crap and we all got crapped on.

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Nah, you need to win a store championship for that.


Bro', no need to rub it in.


I was in 1st place after the second round, with TPs to spare, when Lyraeus came in and broke my face with his MC30s. Bumped me down to 3rd.

Yup. I blew his EdselBerg theory to pieces with my amazing Dodonna the Oppressor list!

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Ok... I do not understand the Rage at all. Xwing has had a two ship release. Imperial assault had had a two blister release.

This. Is. Not. A. New phenomenon. With ffg. Breathe.

This changes the game somewhat. Gives us more options.

They don't even HAVE to give us any news. They could just let it release. Who knows. Wave 4 could be slotted for Q4 2016 or Q1 2017. With a large medium small AND fighter packs. Or even a new faction. So... Rest. Relax. Think of wave 3 as wave 2.5 if you must. And think of the new possibilities.

Or.. Rage if you must. But please stop polluting the forums, where many people come to have a decent time, with the hate and negativity.

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