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Dual YV's & a Z

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So this past Saturday I went to a SC and decided to run a fortress list to see how it went.


Moralo Eval — YV-666 34

Heavy Laser Cannon 7

Bossk 2

Gunner 5

Outlaw Tech 2

Ship Total: 50    


Trandoshan Slaver — YV-666 29

Tactician 2

Outlaw Tech 2

Ship Total: 33    


Kaa'To Leeachos — Z-95 Headhunter 15

Wingman 2

Ship Total: 17  


My thought was to have moralo in the corner with the z in front of him angled towards the slaver which was in front of the Z. The slaver would always perform a stop and prevent the other two from moving while also giving a focus from outlaw.. Wingman removes the stress from the slaver and once the enemy was in range Moralo would stop to get focus which the z would steal.


My first matchup was a Vader/ Chirpy Palp list. Vader came in quick but got swatted down then Chirp came in and managed to take down the slaver but also got destroyed. Took about 25 minutes.


Second matchup was against an Echo, Omega Leader, and palp shuttle list. This was flown by our regional champion and he knew how to deal with fortresses easily. I had to break the formation and hope I could catch some good rolls but I couldn't even kill the shuttle by the end of it. Good match overall though.


Third match was against turr, soontir, and carnor. This was what I wanted to face. My opponenet skirted around me then dove in with turr in the lead. He took an HLC and went down to 1 on the first shots. I forgot to wingman and the slaver had to move right onto an asteroid. Carnor and Soontir shot right into him and I took down Turr with Moralo. Next turn would have won it for me. Soontir was going to bump into the slaver and I would have finsihed him off but one of my YV dials is loose so it moved to the wrong maneuver and I flew moralo off the board. He then cleaned up.


Fourth match was against Bossk, Palob, and a TLT y. Bossk and mangler dealt way too much damage so I again had to break and hope for the best. I managed to get Bossk and Palob but it was down to moralo vs the Y but I couldn't do enough damage against it fast enough (stupidly low chance of triggering bossk and gunner).


Ultimately this list ruins unassisted Aces days. Enough firepower will break it but not too many people know the best way to deal with it and mostly my own mistakes cost me the worst. Definitely fun and I plan on flying it again but not into wave 8.

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