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Hunt for Skywalker Question

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Hey guys,

I might be playing the Hunt for Skywalker challenge with some buddies tonight for the first time and was trying to figure out what two objective sets to use for reinforcements. I looked at Alderaan's Promise, specifically Diplomatic Presence and was wondering how that would work with the scenario? Could I put it on a faceup objective and make them flip all the other eligible targets before hitting that one? Or better yet, what if I put it on one of the first two? Could they never attack, allowing me to sit there and pound away with Red Five or other units that discard cards? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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This probably should be in the rules questions subforum, but I'll take a crack at this.


Diplomatic presence reads


Enhance an objective you control.
Enhanced objective cannot be engaged unless each other objective you control has been engaged this phase.



So yes, by enhancing an objective with Diplomatic Presence, your opponents cannot attack it until they have made every other objective vulnerable and have declared an attack on each other objective you control. And by enhancing one of the two objectives in the front row, you would make three objectives invalid targets for attack while Diplomatic Presence is in play.


Effectively, however, it just ensures that your opponents must play cards like Navy Executor, Tear This Ship Apart, Explosive Charge, Utinni!, Grand Moff Tarkin (Endor Cycle), Superlaser Blast, or Nightsister to deal with it.

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