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here are the first few images;

This was the ship had in the last D6 Campaign I ran; one of my players came up with deckplans for this one


This was the "Rancor" the Ship that belonged to their Nemesis;


This is for an ongoing Project I was working on for "Empire of the Emerald Stars" (AKA: legend of the Five Rings in Space); also one of my favorites from that


And this is another WIP; a Solar Sailer; this version has the sails stowed


....and with sails Deployed (Actually an older model but you get the idea)



I'll post more later as I finish looking through stuff (some is old and in serious need of re-working).



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On 3/12/2017 at 0:37 AM, 2P51 said:



Totally a Mass Effect ship. But now it makes me want to restart the MAss Effect game I was running that was going to eventually get to the Andromeda Galaxy (Something I had chosen before word of Andromeda even dropped) but have the Andromeda Galaxy actually be that "Galaxy far, far away..." ie the Star Wars Universe...8D 

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Some folks port the rules out to other settings/universes so I try to post good stuff from a few basic varieties.  Star Wars, Traveler, ME, generic cyberpunk, etc.  I'd kind of like to just use the rules and build a universe as I go with my table and throw pre-conceptions out the window.

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