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On 9/27/2019 at 9:08 PM, RuusMarev said:

Imperial Nebulon-B ? :D


On 9/28/2019 at 5:29 AM, Ahrimon said:

There's a whole YouTube video on the artists take on the lore.  It's pretty good and does a lot to help explain a lot of the "but why" about the nebulon-B.

Yeah, the TL;DR version is: It went through a rather lengthy design and production stage and in the end didn't get put into active service much since the needs of the Empire changed once they had actual galactic control and thus preferred ISD's instead of this.
Rebels found them in storage, but they had been largely picked apart by the KDY for parts to use on other projects.
Some were picked clean by the Rebels and others were restored to a working order. None looked like they did in their original form. Thus the ramshackle look they have in the movies (and the distinctly non-imperial look too).


EDIT: The Nebulon-A was basically the same look but without the large fin at the front. It redesigned after an accident that caused the total destruction of one of the ships. 

EDIT 2: This is just the non-canon story that the artist came up with... but it sounds good enough that I'll use it in my game. Here's a link to the video: 


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6 hours ago, Ni Fang said:

Has anyone heard from @2P51 He hasnt posted since last October! I really hope is alright, I miss seeing his ship pictures

I have been wondering that myself...He was always good at giving us just enough for us to know stuff was in the pipe. I wonder if that is when the last thing he did was turned in...

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