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19 hours ago, ThreeBFour said:

Ok what is it and does anyone have stats for it?

Looks like a light gunship or escort of some kind, perhaps a local patrol or customs frigate. I don't think there's enough hull space for a worthwhile cargo load, she could maybe carry a small force of troops. I'd say Silhouette 4 - assuming the visible cockpit is roughly the same size as on a YT-1300, I don't think she's big enough for Sil 5 but I could be wrong. With engines that size on that small a hull, she's going to be fast, at least Speed 4, and I'd think she'd be quiet agile for her size - Handling -1 at worst, quite possibly 0. Defence 1/1, Armour 4, 30 HT, 15 SST. Weaponry looks like three twin turrets - the ventral one can hit all arcs, the side turrets can hit all arcs if she's Sil 4, if she's Sil 5 then they'll be F/P/A and F/S/A. Probable medium lasers, maybe heavies - if she's a patrol or customs ship then I'd say the ventral turret is light ion cannons rather than lasers. Maybe a tractor beam, no sign of torpedo or missile tubes. Crew would be a pilot, co-pilot, engineer and three gunners. Depending on whether she's a local patrol ship or an escort, she may or may not have a hyperdrive.

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