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23 hours ago, ThreeBFour said:

The 2nd problem is the blast shield itself, it's like they don't want to see the TIE Fighter on the other side, talk about a blind spot.

Hardly the first ship that relies upon cameras, sensors or something else. Even the HWK's struggle to see straight ahead. Not to mention, with that blast shield, it'd be like TIEs on the other side didn't really exist anyway. Nevertheless, good point.

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20 hours ago, 2P51 said:


Less of a ship and more of a base. Still, it would be pretty cool to maroon a party here who need to get it operational again.

Also, think about how this came about, "Do you really need to practice capoeira now, I'm in the middle of something? What? Oh yes, just gonna hover here, you can disembark on the platform just there- WATCH OUT! $#@%&&@#@*!" *CRASH*

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