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THAT'S NOT ART... THEY LOOK LIKE MODELS! Done on one of those shiny, new, fangled Personal Computerthingies not drawn by hand, on a piece of paper.

Maybe sufficiently advanced Engineering is indistinguishable from art?

Perhaps sufficiently advanced Art is indistinguishable from engineering?

IMO, he is a supremely talented artist/engineer or maybe that should be engineer/artist. Or maybe that should be artineer, or perhaps enginist.

Regardless, I think the guy is really talented/skilled and produces some beautiful stuff.

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Now I only need this guy to make a model of the ZH-25 Questor-class light freighter ... :ph34r:

I know he does commissions, although he seems to prefer Imperial vessels. Just food for thought.


Huh... that's a nice thought. Thanks for the info!

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