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Family, Duty, Honor

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Hey guys.


Family, Duty, Honor, the new promo article for Wolves of the North, just dropped and it has some super interesting cards spoiled. Looks like Stark will be getting some good tools for rush decks (which should pair them even better with Tyrell) and some more ways to mitigate other House's dirty tricks. 


Personally I'm super excited. Stark is my favorite House from a Nedly point of view but they have been (debateably) the least powerful so far in the current cardpool (at least as the Prime House, I see Banner of the Wolf pretty commonly). Hopefully this Deluxe will bring them out of the shadows a little bit. 


Big hits for me were new Ned and Blackfish. And even though it's a little spendy, Riverrun Minstrel seems really useful as well. 


I just don't know about new Catelyn. Her synergy in the evolving Stark-sacrifice strategy is obvious but 7 cost seems a lot for her...


And Winterfell Heart Tree just confuses me. Maybe it's my (comparative) newbness shining threw but I can't really see too much utility to it. If it was an interrupt it would be amazing but if I'm reading it right you have to sacrifice the Heart Tree before you reveal plot cards. So, sure, you can absolutely make sure one character is protected for a round but I feel like that is going to miss way more than it hits. Maybe it adds some interesting tension on the board of guessing when your opponent is going to use his March to the Wall or Wildfire but...it's going to suck when you miss that and then get Marched the next turn after sacrificing for nothing. Maybe the one turn was all you needed but...ouch.


What do you guys think of what's coming for Stark?

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