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Shadow War & Ally/Villain Packs - Deciphered Skirmish Card Info

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I deciphered what Skirmish-Relevant card text I could from the pictures:

Figure Packs
Bossk - Elite & Unique - 8 Points - Hunter Brawler
1 Defense
+2 Damage
+2 Accuracy
Surge: Pierce 2
Health: 10
Speed: 4
Defense: 1 White
Attack: Red Green
Action: Indiscriminate Fire: choose a space within 3 spaces and in your line of sight. Then roll 1 green die. Each figure on or adjacent to that space suffers damage equal to the damage results and strain equal to the surge results.
Regenerate: At the end each activation recover 2 and discard all harmful conditions
Included Command Card for Skirmish:
Grisly Contest - 2 Points - Max 1 - Brawler
Use during your activation. An adjacent Hostile Figure Suffers 2 Damage then use suffer 2 Strain.
Wild Attack
Agent Blaise - Elite & Unique - 6 Points - Spy Leader (Skirmish Card)
Surge: +1 Damage
Surge: +1 Damage
Surge: Pierce 2
Surge: +2 Accuracy
Health: 8
Speed: 4
Defense: 1 Black
Attack: Green Yellow Yellow
Adapt: The first time your opponent plays a Command Card turn, choose 1 Spy or Trooper. That figure becomes Hidden.
Surge: Interrogate: Look at your opponent's hand and choose a command card. You may discard a card of equal or greater cost from your hand to discard the chosen card.
Included Command Card for Skirmish:
Espionage Mastery - 0 Points - Max 1 - Agent Blaise
Use after you resolve 'Interrogate'. Return your discarded Command card to your hand. Then draw 1 card.
From the ISB Infiltrator pack
Cross-Training - Elite - 1 Point - Skirmish Upgrade
Trooper Only
This group gains the Spy trait.
When an attack targeting you is declared you may replace 1 die in your defense pool with 1 white die.
Included Command Card for Skirmish:
Data Theft - 1 Point - Max 1 - Spy
Action: Choose a command card in you opponents discard pile. Once During this round you may play that card as though it were in your hand.
Lando Calrissian - Elite & Unique - 6 Points - Leader Smuggler
+2 Accuracy
Surge: Hide, Stun
Surge: +2 Damage
Health: 8
Speed: 4
Defense: 1 Black
Attack: Green Yellow
Resourceful: While attacking or defending you may reroll 1 of your attack or defense die.
Gambit: Before you reroll a die you may replace it with another die of the same type. After rolling the die is considered rerolled.
Included Command Card for Skirmish:
Cheat to Win - 1 Point - Max 1 - Lando Calrissian
Use when you use Gambit after rolling the new die.  You may change that die's result to the result of your choice on that die.
Tough Luck
From the Bespin Gambit Expansion:
Wing Guard - 6 Points - 2 Reinforce - Guardian Trooper
Surge: +1 Damage
Surge: Recover 1 Damage
Keep the Peace: When a hostile figure declares an attack targeting a space adjacent to you {something} does not contain a friendly {something} you may suffer 1 Strain.  If you do the attacker Suffers 1 Strain.  Limit 1 Keep the Peace per attack.

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