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American politics, OEF and OIF, and current events

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So I have recently I have started a new campaign. With what has been going on in the world (see topic title) I have been basing it off of the last 18 years. Taking events and embellishing them, I have slowly begun to follow pattern. Now with the election coming up it has been only too easy to create new content.

Has anyone else done something similar?

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In the background of my last RT game, there were 2 Wauuughs going on.

Each trying to outdo the other in atrocity.

They mostly had resorted to Terrorism because the Navy mostly kept their ships bottled up,

but their scouts and infiltrators would get through, and blow up the humans when they could.


Wauugh Kongor and Waaaugh Turash-*** kept doing icky evil stuff.


So I kept this timeline handy, and on each week of the campaign I read off one item

in the "Weekly Waaaugh Update" and if it coincided with where the  players were,

or their holdings, BOOM, right in the profit factor.  


(the events  are stolen from islamic terror attacks in real life,  the orks correspond to al-qaeda and isis)

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